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7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

The best NFT games to earn money have changed gaming forever. These unique digital experiences have opened up new avenues for gamers to monetise their skills and time spent in virtual worlds. With the potential to own rare and valuable in-game items, players can now participate in the budding NFT market and earn real-world rewards.

For this article, we dive deep into the world of NFT gaming to bring you titles that reward players the most. Thanks to a unique mix of entertaining gameplay, financial rewards, and earning potential, these games offer the most opportunities for new gamers who want to hop on the trend and earn cash.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get into things.

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

A Brief Overview of NFT or Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games

NFT or P2E gaming is a niche gaming industry that utilises NFTs to represent unique digital assets on the blockchain and prove ownership within the game.

NFTs are digital assets on a blockchain that are one-of-a-kind and can take various forms, such as digital art, sports cards, in-game items, music, and videos. Each NFT is unique, and its ownership is etched on the blockchain and visible to the public. For instance, Ethereum uses the ERC721 token standard for NFTs.

Besides ERC721 tokens, semi-fungible tokens are used in NFT gaming when in-game assets require modification. Semi-fungible tokens include limited-use weapons or characters that gain player stats in the form of in-game achievements are unlocked.

On Ethereum, these modifiable NFTs follow the ERC1155 standard, while on Solana, Metaplex’s Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs) provide similar flexibility for web3 game developers.

Although NFTs have various applications, they are increasingly used in web3 games to allow players true ownership of in-game assets like characters, weapons, virtual currency, and digital avatars.

Understanding the Earning Potential of NFT Games

According to the media research group Kagan of S&P Global, the revenue generated by publishers from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to in-game items was $3.64 billion in 2022. Anticipating a compound annual growth rate of 33.5% until 2027, this figure is expected to rise significantly to $15.46 billion. This growth is attributed to the increasing prevalence of games incorporating NFT mechanics, attracting a broader player audience.

This means the earning potential of NFT games is massive. NFT games have popularised the concept of “play-to-earn” (P2E). This allows gamers to earn real-world value through owning and trading in-game assets. In games like Pikamoon, players can earn a cryptocurrency called $PIKA by participating in various activities. Some players have even made a full-time income from playing NFT games, highlighting the industry’s financial potential.

In addition to in-game rewards, NFT gaming offers other ways to make money. Players can stake their NFTs or in-game tokens, earning rewards through smart contracts. These rewards can include more tokens, NFTs, or other benefits, providing opportunities for passive income.

NFT games also have thriving marketplaces where players can buy, sell, and trade in-game assets as NFTs. This ownership of digital assets outside the game world adds value and ownership to virtual items, contributing to the ever-growing NFT economy.

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money
Game TitleNative TokenToken TypeDifficulty LevelSupported Payment MethodsEarning Methods
PikamoonPIKAERC-20EasyEthereum, USDT, BNBPlay Beta, NFT Sales, Upgrade NFTs, Staking, Rewards
The SandboxSANDERC-20Medium-HardCredit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etcCreate and Sell NFTs, Monetize Games, Stake SAND Tokens, Participate in Governance
Axie InfinityAXSERC-20, BEP-20MediumEthereum, AXS, SLP, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, etcSelling and Breeding, SLP Earnings, AXS Staking, Participate in Events
UplandUPXEOS-basedHighCredit Card, PayPal, CryptocurrenciesPurchase Property, Earn through Visits, Rent out Spark, Manipulate the Floor, Treasure Hunting
PixelsBERRY, PIXELERC-20MediumN/ASelling on Marketplace, Renting Land, Earning Rewards
Alien WorldsTLMCross ChainMediumERC-20, BEP-20, WAX tokensMining, Trading NFTs, Staking, Battle Other Explorers, Complete Missions
Gods UnchainedGODSERC-20Very HighETH or ERC-20 tokensSelling Cards as NFTs, Participating in Tournaments, Forging Core Cards, Play-to-earn in EXP

Our Top Picks: 7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money

1. Pikamoon

  • Native Token: PIKA
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Supported Payment Methods: Ethereum, USDT, BNB

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)Dreva: An Exciting 3D Virtual World

Pikamoon is an upcoming AAA web3 game set in Dreva, a 3D virtual realm in the Pikaverse. Here, players can join others in the exhilarating multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gameplay or the more intimate offline mode to discover Dreva’s vastness and unique Pikamoon species.

Dreva is comprised of six in-conflict factions—Earth, Rock, Water, Fire, Air, and Thunder—with each linked to Pikamoon NFTs, which are represented as playing cards across marketplaces.

Pikamoon’s Pokémon-Inspired Adventure

Pikamoon gameplay revolves around strategically forming clans from the diverse pool of 27,018 NFTs. Players engage in turn-based battles, strategically inflicting damage on their opponents. The gameplay concludes with the declaration of a winner, with participants then sharing a PIKA prize pool as a rewarding outcome. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Pikamoon manifests PIKA through its ERC-20 token.

Despite being in its Beta version, Pikamoon developers have unveiled an enticing $10,000 prize pool for the top 100 players. This presents a golden opportunity for early gamers to reap tangible rewards, engaging in spirited competition with players predominantly at a similar skill level.

#Pikamoon BETA $10,000 Prize Pool 🏆

The top 100 players will earn their share of the prize!

But who will take first place ? 👀

🟡 // $PIKA // Final Phase before Launch 🚀

— Pikamoon (@PikaMoonCoin) January 19, 2024

How to Join the Pikaverse

  1. Access the Beta version of the game on Android or iOS.
  2. Create an account and connect an Ethereum wallet.
  3. Engage in battles within the Beta version, earning PIKA prizes.
  4. Mint or buy NFTs on the game’s website or marketplaces.
  5. Win battles and complete quests to earn PIKA with your Pikamoon NFT clans.
  6. Trade or sell NFTs or PIKA tokens on top-tier exchanges and marketplaces.

Earning Money on Pikamoon

  • Be In the Top 100 Players: Top 100 players can win from a prize pool of $10,000.
  • Play and Earn: Earn PIKA tokens by playing this AAA-grade blockchain title.
  • NFT Sales: Sell Pikamoon NFTs or PIKA tokens on marketplaces and exchanges.
  • Upgrade NFTs: Use PIKA for transactions in the Pikamoon Store to upgrade NFTs.
  • Staking: Passively earn more PIKA by staking your tokens.

5 Reasons to Play Pikamoon

  • Play Beta, Earn Rewards: There’s a $10,000 prize pool for beta players.
  • Diverse Characters: Various hand-drawn, cute, yet ferocious Pikamoon NFT characters.
  • P2E Rewards: Enjoy a Play-to-Earn model, earning PIKA tokens as you play.
  • Presale Opportunities: Access discounted PIKA rates in the Presale for potential profits.
  • Cutting-Edge Gaming: Experience AAA 3D gaming at the forefront of Web3.
  • Recognition: Pikamoon has been featured in other top news publications, generating quite a buzz these past few months.

2. The Sandbox

  • Native Token: SAND
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard
  • Supported Payment Methods: Credit or debit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

Experience Unlimited Creativity With The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a leading NFT project with a market capitalisation of approximately $1 billion, positioning it as the world’s number 1 blockchain game. Although not strictly a “Play-to-Earn NFT game,” it offers features that align with the concept. The Sandbox allows you to create and play in a virtual world, similar to Minecraft but with NFTs.

Own LAND – The Core of Sandbox

The core of The Sandbox revolves around owning LAND, of which there are over 150,000 pieces. Each piece enables players to build digital experiences, host events, and create diverse content. Digital assets, converted into NFTs, comprise player-created items and periodic drops, enriching the gameplay.

The Game Maker Fund supports indie creators, encouraging innovative experiences. Numerous games, such as Dethrone, Dystopia, and Mushroom Mania, showcase the variety available. The Alpha Game Maker supports genres like Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Puzzle, Adventure, and more.

How to Join the Sandbox

  1. Download and install the game maker and voxel editor from the official website.
  2. Create an account and log in with your username and password.
  3. Explore the map to find land available for purchase or rent using SAND tokens.
  4. Utilise the Voxel editor to create NFTs or buy them from the marketplace.
  5. Use the game maker to build games or engage with existing ones in the Metaverse.
  6. Earn rewards by selling your creations for SAND tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

Earning Money on The Sandbox

  • Create and Sell NFTs: Craft and sell NFTs on the marketplace or other platforms.
  • Monetize Games: Generate income by creating and monetising games on your land.
  • Stake SAND Tokens: Stake SAND tokens to earn passive rewards.
  • Participate in Governance: Actively engage in the game’s DAO governance for additional earnings.

5 Reasons to Try The Sandbox

  • The platform offers endless opportunities to create and play in the metaverse.
  • You can enjoy decentralised peer-to-peer trading of in-game earned assets.
  • You can utilise blockchain to share assets with others and collaborate on games.
  • The game provides user-friendly tools for designing and animating NFTs.
  • You can import your Minecraft creations into The Sandbox for enhanced gameplay.

3. Axie Infinity

  • Native Token: AXS
  • Token Type: ERC-20 (Ethereum), BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain).
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Supported Payment Methods: Ethereum, AXS, SLP, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, and more

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

Introduction to the Axie Infinity Universe – Lunacia

No list of the best NFT Games to earn money is complete without Axie Infinity. Founded by Trung Nguyen, Alexander Larsen, and Jeffrey Zirlin in 2018, it’s the game that popularised the P2E concept in the first place. As of January 2024, Axie Infinity remains a significant player in the P2E gaming sector, evident from its trading volume and market capitalisation. The game has evolved with features like Lunacia, showcasing LAND plots and new gameplay elements.

The Gameplay and Core Mechanics of Axie Infinity

Axies, represented as ERC-721 tokens, play a central role in the game, participating in battles in both PvP and PvE modes. Each Axie possesses unique characteristics, adding depth to the game’s strategy. Axie Infinity’s core mechanics involve earning through battles, breeding Axies, and trading them in the marketplace. The scholarship system, allowing others to play on behalf of players for income, remains a popular feature.

SLP & AXS – Axie Infinity In-Game Currencies

SLP, an ERC-20 token, is crucial for breeding Axies and remains integral to the game’s economy. Players earn SLP through battles and quests, and its value fluctuates based on market dynamics.

AXS, Axie Infinity’s governance token, facilitates participation in platform decisions through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) structure. Staking AXS within the ecosystem offers rewards and is required for specific in-game actions.

How to Play Axie Infinity

  1. Acquire at least three Axies to play Axie Infinity.
  2. Axies are like digital pets – used for collection, breeding, and battling.
  3. Purchase Axies from the marketplace using Ethereum or AXS tokens.
  4. Alternatively, breed Axies using Smooth Love Potions (SLP).
  5. Players can also buy land plots in Lunacia, the virtual world of Axie Infinity.
  6. Land plots are utilised for building, upgrading bases, farming resources, and exploration.
  7. Axie Infinity offers Adventure and Arena modes for quests, battles, and rewards.

Earning Money on Axie Infinity

  • Selling and Breeding: Sell or breed Axies, land, and items on the game’s marketplace or third-party platforms.
  • SLP Earnings: Earn SLP by playing the game, exchanging it for ETH or AXS on decentralised exchanges, or using it for breeding.
  • AXS Staking: Stake AXS tokens within the platform for rewards or trade them for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Participate in Events: Engage in tournaments, events, and quests to earn prizes and rewards.

5 Reasons to Play Axie Infinity

  • It is a fun and engaging game combining strategy and RPG to hunt for collectables.
  • The new game has a unique, immersive storyline with much better artwork.
  • A P2E model enabling players to monetise their time and skills through Axie-related activities.
  • A massive and active community contributing to the game’s growth and innovation.
  • AXS governance token provides decision-making power and access to the community treasury.

4. Upland

  • Native Token: UPX
  • Token Type: EOS-based
  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Supported Payment Methods: Credit card, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

The Metaverse Super App Redefining Digital Real Estate Gaming

Upland is often hailed as the “metaverse super app” as it has redefined real estate gaming. The popular NFT game centres on buying, developing, and selling digital real estate. It presents a gamified version of iconic cities like New York, where players can purchase virtual buildings and land. The primary objective is accumulating and owning as much real estate as possible.

UPX Tokens: Fueling Upland’s In-Game Economy

UPX tokens serve as the in-game currency. While not a crypto token, UPX simplifies transactions within the Upland ecosystem, supporting the game’s overall economy.

Upland adopts the play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn real-world value by acquiring, trading, and managing virtual properties. The ownership of properties exceeding 10,000 UPX in net worth is recorded on the EOS blockchain. The indirect play-to-earn mechanics involve passive UPX generation through property ownership.

A Strong Community of Uplanders

Upland enjoys strong community support, which is evident in extensive YouTube content, user reviews, and active development. Community engagement contributes to the game’s success and ongoing improvements.

How to Play Upland

  1. Download the Upland game on mobile devices or play on the web.
  2. Complete a short KYC process, choose a username, and confirm your identity via email.
  3. Choose the right city for property investment, balancing location and competitive prices.
  4. Use the Unminted Tool on to find the lowest property prices in your chosen area.
  5. Select a city and start playing. Upland’s real estate market spans global cities, with additions like São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Birmingham, Tokyo, and London.

Earning Money on Upland

1. Property:

Purchase property with in-game currency UPX, develop it by making it attractive, and then earn UPX based on the value of your property, providing a passive income.

2. Visits:

  • Earn UPX when other players visit your property.
  • Increase your property’s attractiveness to draw more visitors.
  • Set a low visit price to encourage more visits and micropayments.

3. Rent out Spark:

  • Use Spark to construct buildings.
  • Offer your Spark to others for a fee, accelerating their construction process.
  • Connect with the Upland community via Discord to find opportunities.

4. Manipulate the Floor:
Strategically buy the cheapest properties in a neighbourhood and then raise the floor price of your properties to potentially increase their value.

5. Treasure Hunting:
Explore the map, click around, and hunt for hidden treasures. But keep in mind that it costs UPX to travel and visit buildings in search of rewards.

5 Reasons to Play Upland

  • Own virtual property mapped to the real world and trade it with other players for UPX or USD.
  • Earn money by selling your digital assets on the open marketplace, thanks to the partnership with Tilia Inc.
  • Create your games and experiences on your properties, such as arcades, marketplaces, businesses, and more.
  • Join a vibrant community of Uplanders who collaborate, compete, and innovate in the metaverse.
  • Participate in exciting events such as city tours, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, hidden pinatas, and live property auctions.

5. Pixels

  • Native Token: BERRY & PIXEL
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Supported Payment Methods: N/A

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

Gameplay & the Team Behind Pixels

Pixels is an enchanting metaverse and MMORPG farming game set in a world of animated pixel characters and farms. Recently announcing a move to the Ronin Blockchain, the game boasts over 900,000 players.

With a free-to-play model, Pixels combines multiplayer and single-player campaigns, allowing players to own land, wear NFTs as characters, and enjoy an immersive farming experience. Pixels is developed by the co-founders of Gamehouse and professionals from Ubisoft.

The gameplay unfolds with a player’s initial steps on a small piece of land guided by the NPC Barney, who imparts the basic principles of farming. From sowing pop berry seeds to mastering watering techniques and accelerating growth with fertiliser, players acquire fundamental skills.

Upon completing the tutorial, they are transported to the vibrant main city of Terra Villa, where Ranger Dale at the PLOT office introduces them to the crucial aspect of land ownership. Here, players can engage in the dynamic economy by buying or renting land from fellow players, fostering a sense of community and interaction within the game.

The core gameplay loop revolves around gathering resources, like wood and pop berries, and transforming them into sellable items for in-game currencies ($berry or $pixels).

How to Play Pixels:

  1. Start by creating a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Binance Chain Wallet and connect it to the game on the official Pixels website.
  2. Each player receives a free plot of land, providing benefits like resource generation.
  3. Explore diverse landscapes, interact with other players, and engage in building, crafting, and farming activities for potential income.
  4. Customise your character using your NFTs or the in-game editor.

Earning Money on Pixels:

  • Selling on Marketplace:
    • Crafted items, agricultural products, and in-game assets can be sold on the marketplace for $PIXEL tokens.
  • Renting Land:
    • Players can rent their land to others or engage in advanced farming and crafting activities for potential income.
  • Earning Rewards:
    • Participation in community-organised events, tournaments, and challenges offers opportunities to earn exclusive rewards.

5 Reasons to Play Pixels:

  • Pixels ensures a smooth start for all players with a comprehensive tutorial, guaranteeing an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience from the outset.
  • Players can use their NFTs as avatars, providing a unique and personalised gaming experience.
  • With over 15 skills to level up, Pixels offers many activities, allowing players to craft their unique gaming experience based on their preferences and playstyle.
  • Pixels empowers players to forge their path in the virtual world, presenting diverse in-game opportunities that cater to various interests and preferences.
  • Pixels introduces the option to spend $BERRY for those seeking rapid advancement, providing players with a strategic advantage to expedite their progression and stand out in the competitive landscape.

6. Alien Worlds

  • Native Token: TLM
  • Token Type: Cross Chain
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Earning Potential: Medium
  • Supported Payment Methods: ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX tokens

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

Gameplay & Game Mechanics of Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a groundbreaking play-to-earn game thriving in the NFT metaverse. It is situated on the WAX blockchain and extends its functionality to other chains like Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. With an impressive user base exceeding 1.1 million, the game immerses players in a simulated economy where they vie for scarce resources, NFTs, and the in-game currency, Trillium (TLM). The narrative unfolds within planetary Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), providing a dynamic and competitive gaming experience.

Four Pillars of Alien Worlds:

At the core of Alien Worlds’ in-game ecosystem are four pillars that drive player engagement and impact success. These pillars include the Trillium (TLM) token, essential for transactions and governance; NFT tools, which players deploy for various actions such as mining; lands, representing ownership and resource generation; and the Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs), shaping the governance and economy of each planetary realm. Each pillar intertwines to create a multifaceted and strategic gameplay environment.

Earning Money on Alien Worlds

  • Mining. You can explore planets and mine TLM using various NFT tools. The currency can also be cashed out for other currencies on exchanges.
  • Trading NFTs. Trade NFT game cards on BSC and WAX for profit, or trade for NFT items you want or need for missions.
  • Earn Through Staking. You can stake your TLM on different planets to participate in their governance and receive rewards from their treasury.
  • Battle Other Explorers. You can use weapons and artefacts to fight other players and loot their TLM or NFTs.
  • Complete Missions. You can earn NFTs and TLM by completing various tasks and quests in the game.

How to Play Alien Worlds

  1. Visit the Alien Worlds dApp.
  2. Generate a WAX web3 wallet; it’s free.
  3. Set up your login credentials.
  4. Pick your initial avatar.
  5. Agree to Terms & Conditions, then click ‘I’m Ready.’
  6. Choose the planet for mining, considering TLM availability and fill rate.
  7. Select the land plot for mining, mindful of differences in fees.
  8. Opt for the Shovel as your starting Tool.
  9. Progress in the game to unlock better Tools.

5 Reasons to Play Alien Worlds

  • It lets you mine Trilium (TLM), the in-game token that can be staked, traded, or used to participate in governance.
  • You can collect and play with NFTs such as tools, avatars, land, and minions with different attributes and abilities.
  • Let you explore different planets with their environments, lore, and communities.
  • Join a Planetary Syndicate and vote for council candidates and proposals that affect the distribution of the planetary treasury.
  • You can teleport your NFTs and TLM across multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain.

7. Gods Unchained

  • Native Token: GODS
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Difficulty Level: Very Difficult
  • Earning Potential: Low
  • Supported Payment Methods: ETH or ERC-20 tokens

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

A Unique NFT Card Game from An Experienced Team

Gods Unchained, launched in 2018, is a competitive free-to-play online trading card game developed by Immutable X. Led by Chris Clay, a former designer and game director for the renowned ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena,’ Gods Unchained stands out for its NFT-centric approach, offering players true ownership of their in-game assets. The game’s core revolves around accumulating valuable cards, featuring a dual-purpose GODS token as an in-game currency and a real-world value holder.

The Gameplay of Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained Gameplay mirrors Hearthstone’s, offering a captivating, high-quality gaming experience. The game has three primary modes:

  • Solo: This mode allows players to engage in single-player matches, allowing them to hone their skills and tactics against computer-controlled opponents.
  • Ranked: In the ranked mode, players compete against each other to climb the game’s ladder, showcasing their strategic prowess and aiming to achieve higher ranks for prestige and rewards.
  • Direct Challenge: This mode enables players to engage in private matches, allowing them to directly challenge friends or specific opponents for a more personalised and controlled gaming experience.

Players earn experience points (EXP) by completing matches, contributing to their progression and unlocking access to new cards and skills. The in-game currency earned through these experiences can be used to open packs containing additional cards. Importantly, each level attained by the player results in the reward of a card pack, fostering a sense of achievement and continuous progression.

Within these card packs, players can discover four distinct types of cards: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny.

How to Play Gods Unchained:

  1. New users are prompted to complete a simple tutorial upon launching the game for the first time.
  2. Next, choose your Game Modes: Solo, Ranked or Direct Challenge.
  3. Choose a deck aligned with one of the six gods and a loadout before each game.
  4. Each god has four powers; pick one at the start of the match. Powers can be used once per turn and require specific mana.
  5. Replace up to four cards in the starting hand, prioritising lower mana cost cards.
  6. Drag and drop cards to summon creatures.
  7. Use powers or cast spells by holding and dragging cards.
  8. Manage a hand of up to 9 cards and summon a maximum of 6 creatures on the board.
  9. Attack the opponent’s God and reduce their health to 0 to win the game.
  10. Level up to earn Stars, Flux, and Packs.

Tip: Fully utilise mana in every round, as saved mana doesn’t carry over

Earning Money on Gods Unchained:

  • Selling cards as NFTs on the Immutable X marketplace
  • Participating in weekend ranked tournaments for valuable expansion packs
  • Forging core cards into meteorite NFTs
  • Engaging in play-to-earn (P2E) tournaments with substantial rewards.

5 Reasons to Play Gods Unchained:

  • It combines fun with creative intellectual stimulation
  • A highly competitive NFT card game with a Hearthstone-like gaming experience
  • Free-to-play accessibility for all
  • Gods Unchained offers true ownership of the NFTs, ensuring that each card represents a distinct digital asset.
  • Play-to-earn Model: The game allows players to earn real-world value by participating in tournaments, forging cards, and engaging in play-to-earn activities.

Strategies for Maximising Earnings in NFT Games

While every blockchain game is different, below are some general strategies to help you maximise your revenue:

7 Best NFT Games to Earn Money (Turn Play Into Pay!)

1 – Know the Game

Try different modes, levels, and challenges to understand the game better. Watch tutorials, guides, and tips from other players online. Join communities and forums to learn from others’ experiences and feedback.

2 – Research the Market

Use tools and platforms that track and analyse NFT prices, volumes, and trends to research the market. Compare different games and NFTs to identify their potential and value. Stay updated on news and events in the NFT industry.

3 – Invest Wisely

Set a budget and goal for your NFT purchases and sales to make wise investments. Diversify your portfolio by investing in different types of NFTs and games. Look for opportunities to buy low and sell high or trade your NFTs for other assets.

4 – Play to Your Strengths

Focus on the aspects of the game that match your skills, interests, and preferences. Improve your skills through practice, learning, and experimentation. Challenge yourself and compete with other players to earn more rewards.

5 – Stay informed, Stay Updated

Subscribe to newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts covering the latest NFT gaming space developments. Participate in surveys, polls, and feedback sessions conducted by game developers and NFT creators. Look for new features, updates, and releases the game and NFT platforms offer.


The best NFT games to earn money present a unique opportunity for players to monetise their skills while enjoying their favourite pastime.

Among the many options available, Pikamoon stands out as the best NFT game to try in 2024. Although still in its Beta phase, you can still enjoy Dreva’s vast landscape, unique game mechanics, and its $10,000 prize pool for the top 100 players.

Of course, PIKA is also available to be purchased in its soon-to-sell-out Presale, so be sure to not miss making an investment at just $0.0006 per token!

Best NFT Games to Earn Money – FAQ

1. What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games leverage blockchain technology to store in-game assets and distribute rewards via cryptocurrency or NFTs. Some games require specific NFT ownership or cryptocurrency holdings, while others are free-to-play.

2. How Should I Start with Play-to-Earn Gaming?

Begin with research to understand different play-to-earn games. Start with free games to get acquainted. If investing, comprehend game mechanics, create a crypto wallet (like MetaMask or Ledger), buy cryptocurrency, and eventually, NFTs.

3. Are There Any Free NFT Games?

Yes, there are free NFT games, but not all NFT games fall into this category. The Pikamoon Beta is an example of a free NFT game, however many others require an initial investment.

4. What Are the Best NFT Games to Earn Money?

The best NFT games for earning money vary based on preferences and market conditions. Pikamoon, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and CryptoBlades are some popular choices.

5. On What Platforms Can Play-to-Earn NFT Games Be Found?

Play-to-earn NFT games are predominantly available on mobile devices with Android and iOS. Some projects are also designed for Windows, macOS, and gaming consoles.

6. How Can I Withdraw Earned Money From an NFT Game?

Withdrawal processes vary by game. Generally, players sell NFTs on the in-game marketplace, transfer funds to the in-game wallet, and then to an external wallet.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of NewsBTC. NewsBTC does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.