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Alchemy Pay Partners with ZKFair to Launch Fiat On-Ramp for $ZKF Purchase

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Alchemy Pay Partners with ZKFair to Launch Fiat On-Ramp for $ZKF Purchase

Alchemy Pay, a major fiat-crypto payment gateway, partnered with Ethereum-based Layer 2 network ZKFair. The partnership aims to make buying ZKFair’s cryptocurrency, $ZKF tokens, easy. Meanwhile, ZKFair, a community-run Layer 2 network, is at the forefront of Ethereum innovation. ZKFair is a scalable and efficient decentralized transaction platform. It uses Lumoz ZK-RaaS and Polygon CDK and Celestia DA technology. Safe and cheap transactions are made with the stablecoin USDC as its gas token.

.@ZKFCommunity token $ZKF is now available through #AlchemyPay’s Fiat On-Ramp.
Through the portal on #ZKFair’s website, community members can conveniently and securely obtain $ZKF using their preferred fiat payment methods and currencies.$ACH

— Alchemy Pay|$ACH: Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway (@AlchemyPay) March 13, 2024

ZKFair Achieves Milestone with Alchemy Pay Collaboration for $ZKF Token Acquisition

The Alchemy Pay partnership has helped ZKFair reach a milestone. Alchemy Pay’s ramp lets users buy $ZKF tokens with fiat currencies. Through Alchemy Pay, ZKFair allows users to use their preferred fiat payment methods like bank transfers, credit cards, and mobile wallets to get $ZKF tokens.

This collaboration will make getting $ZKF tokens faster and easier by eliminating conversions and middlemen. Alchemy Pay is available in 173 countries and over 300 payment channels. This allows users to shop easily according to their local laws and preferences.

Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto transaction expertise enhances the partnership. Visa and Mastercard authorize Alchemy Pay. The integration’s credibility and trust reassure users that the platform is safe and reliable. The many licenses Alchemy Pay has earned in different areas demonstrate its commitment to following the rules, giving users confidence in their transactions.

ZKFair wants to make decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible and give people the tools they need to participate in the digital economy by adding a fiat on-ramp for $ZKF tokens. ZKFair hopes to grow its Layer 2 network by connecting the fiat and crypto markets and adding new users.

Alchemy Pay and ZKFair Empower Users with Simple Blockchain Solutions

Alchemy Pay’s ramp solution was added to ZKFair after the partnership. Users have a special place to convert fiat currency to ZKF. The integration improves user experience and shows ZKFair’s commitment to working together to improve decentralized finance solutions and new ideas.

Alchemy Pay and ZKFair design with users in mind to make blockchain technology easy to use. Their partnership aims to simplify onboarding and connect traditional financial systems to the decentralized economy for new users.

Alchemy Pay and ZKFair’s partnership could spur DeFi innovation and growth. The partnership uses Alchemy Pay’s payment infrastructure and ZKFair’s Layer 2 technology to make decentralized financial services safer and easier to use.