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Ankr Starts a Partnership with Prom to Enable Building on Its L2 RPC

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Ankr Starts a Partnership with Prom to Enable Building on Its L2 RPC

Ankr, a well-known DeFi platform, has kicked off a new collaboration to increase its span. As per the company, the partnership with Prom (a zkEVM L2) focuses on enabling developers to develop on it for interconnected and scalable dApps. In addition to this, the respective endeavor would also permit the users to perform request calls. Moreover, they can also get information returns just like the results dealing with operating a completing node.

📢 Ankr is excited to announce a new addition to our RPC service: @Prom_io, a modular zkEVM Layer 2.

Prom enables interoperability across various chains, including both EVM & non-EVM compatible networks 🔄

Read our blog for more details on this integration⤵️…

— Ankr (@ankr) March 25, 2024

Ankr Partners with Prom for Development on L2 RPC

Prom operates as a modular L2 that uses zkEVM technology. It offers interoperability around diverse chains. They take into account both non-EVM and EVM-compatible networks. The platform provides proof of transfer to the extra chains over the selected settlement chain. In this way, it develops the bridge between different ecosystems.

The purpose of Prom is to overcome the single-chain limitations, offering a very stretchy solution to promote adoption. The company provides a series of features concerning the Web3 sector to truly conform to the market narrative. Another objective is to develop a groundwork regarding a wide-ranging blockchain ecosystem. Prom Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) of Ankr link the wallets, dApps, or command-line interface with the L2 of Prom.

These RPCs operate as blockchain routers and messengers that disseminate on-chain information between nodes, decentralized applications, and users. As a result of this, they run required tasks such as transfers, filling wallet balances, and so on. RPC endpoints of Prom give a gateway to developers for direct interference with Prom. Building on Prom is considered a suitable choice for creating rewarding and scalable decentralized applications.

Prom RPCs Assist Developers with Time-Saving and Cutting-Edge Tools

However, this needs access to information on the nodes on Prom for that. Hence, the RPC of Ankr solves the following troubles of the developers. The respective RPCs will fully eliminate the requirement for developers regarding the establishment of Prom nodes. This will be potentially time-saving with the solution of the node issues.

The Premium RPC Plan of Ankr rapidly provides access to the finest instruments to develop apps. This takes into account a minimum of 1,500 Prom requests per second along with devoted Prom endpoints. Prioritized requests are another specialty apart from WebSockets capabilities. It powers open-source software and apps requiring Prom’s access. Furthermore, it also backs the Prom networks.