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Biggest Crypto Gaming Tokens Launched in 2024—So Far

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Biggest Crypto Gaming Tokens Launched in 2024—So Far

Huge tokens have been dropping left and right so far in 2024, and gaming projects are getting in on the excitement. Tokens tied to games and networks have been among this year’s biggest launches as the broader crypto market rebounds and airdrops accelerate.

From Portal to Pixels, these are the gaming tokens that have made waves so far this year, ranked by peak market cap to date per CoinGecko, at the time of writing. But there are sure to be more big tokens ahead, as our gaming airdrops roundup suggests, so stay tuned—we’ll keep updating this list.

1. Portal (PORTAL)

Peak Price: $3.36
Peak Market Cap: $561.6 million

Just launched this past Thursday, February 29, Portal arrived with a level of hype we haven’t seen in the crypto gaming space in some time. In part, that’s because of an airdrop farming push that saw users flood Twitter with tweets—and a record-breaking Binance campaign that saw users stake over $9 billion worth of crypto in hopes of yielding rewards didn’t hurt.

Can this Ethereum-based token for the upcoming cross-chain gaming platform retain the hype? We’ll see, but with staking benefits and further airdrop campaigns ahead, you can be sure that we’ll keep hearing about it.

2. Pixels (PIXEL)

Peak Price: $0.6887
Peak Market Cap: $531 million

Crypto’s hottest game right now is also responsible for the hottest single-game token of 2024—at least so far. The PIXEL token launched in late February for the chill farming game on Ethereum scaler Ronin, and helped introduce even more crypto-native elements into the web game. It also generated more than $1 billion worth of trading in less than a single day.

With hundreds of thousands of daily users, Pixels has the crypto world’s attention and has helped build some serious momentum around Ronin too.

3. Xai (XAI)

Peak Price: $1.59
Peak Market Cap: $440.6 million

The Xai layer-3 gaming network on Ethereum scaler Arbitrum had this year’s first big airdrop, rewarding owners and operators of the network’s Guardian Nodes and certain NFT holders. It’s been a hot start for XAI so far, rising to a peak price that’s more than double what it dropped at.

Games are starting to roll out on the network, which ought to drive even more attention and excitement to the token, plus Xai recently launched staking rewards too.

4. Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

Peak Price: $10.59
Peak Market Cap: $317.7 million

Heroes of Mavia is one of this year’s biggest new crypto game launches. The Clash of Clans clone has attracted millions of downloads across iOS and Android, and Skrice Studios celebrated the release by airdropping tokens to 100,000 early players, along with tokens for virtual land owners who had previously staked their NFTs.

MAVIA saw a big price surge after launching in February, rising above $10—a more than 5x improvement on the opening price. But it was short-lived, shedding about 40% of its value since. The game hasn’t implemented its crypto features yet, but has shared a sizable roadmap.