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Binance Web3 Wallet announces Blast network integration

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Binance Web3 Wallet announces Blast network integration

Web3 Wallet team from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange has completed the integration of the Blast network.

According to the exchange’s announcement on March 4, Binance Web3 Wallet now supports Blast, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution offering built-in yield for Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins.

As part of the integration, crypto wallet users will be able to use the Binance Web3 Wallet to transfer tokens to and from the Blast network and access various decentralized applications on the network. To view and find Blast in Binance Web3 Wallet, you need to go to the Web3 Wallet section and select the Networks.

Binance did not provide other details of the initiative. The Blast project team also did not react to the news about the integration.

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On Feb. 29, Blast developers announced the launch of the mainnet. Along with the launch, users could withdraw their funds previously blocked in the protocol. Over 180,000 users deposited more than $2.3 billion into the protocol during the early access phase, L2Beat reports.

Binance Web3 Wallet announces Blast network integration
Source: L2Beat

The project team also reported that 50% of the Blast airdrop will go to users, and another 50% will be provided to decentralized applications (dapps).

Shortly before the launch of the mainnet, the first case of fraud involving a highly advertised project occurred in the Blast ecosystem. The team at the gambling platform RiskOnBlast completed a $1.3 million rug pull.

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