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“Bitcoin Dominates NFT Market with 86% Sales Increase in 24 Hours”

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“Bitcoin Dominates NFT Market with 86% Sales Increase in 24 Hours”

Bitcoin price fell to as low as US$65,000 after trading around its all-time high throughout the week but sales volume of the network’s non-fungible tokens (NFT) stole the spotlight on Friday.

Bitcoin emerged as the top blockchain for NFTs over the past 24 hours, recording over US$22.2 million, as of 1:40 p.m. ET.

This represents an increase of 76.04% from the previous day’s sales of US$12.6 million.

The number of NFT transactions also rose by 19%, from 5,744 to 6,835, indicating a surge in activity on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Following closely behind Bitcoin are Ethereum and Solana, which ranked second and third respectively.

Ethereum recorded sales of over US$14.8 million, a decrease of 15.72% from Thursday, while Solana had US$8.7 in sales, a 4.22% drop.

Polygon, an Ethereum scaler, also made notable strides in the past 24 hours.

Despite ranking fourth, it recorded a significant sales increase of 65.32%, from US$1.17 million to US$1.94 million.

However, Polygon experienced a slight decrease in transactions by 2.2%, from 53,247 to 52,076.

Friday’s performance raises Bitcoin’s NFT all-time sales volume to US$2.8 billion, ranking it fourth among all blockchains.