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Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High: Analyzing the Surge and the Slowdown in New ‘Millionaire’ Wallets

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Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High: Analyzing the Surge and the Slowdown in New ‘Millionaire’ Wallets

  • Bitcoin’s price rally to $72,000 marks a new all-time high, yet the growth in new ‘millionaire’ wallets lags behind previous bull runs.
  • Kaiko Research reports a significant increase in daily new million-dollar Bitcoin wallets, but figures still fall short of the 2021 bull run’s peak.
  • “Despite the recent price surge, on-chain bitcoin whales are seeing a slow return,” according to Kaiko Research.

Amidst Bitcoin’s remarkable ascent to a $72,000 all-time high, the slower pace of new ‘millionaire’ wallet creation signals a cautious investor approach and a notable shift in asset storage trends.

The Paradox of Bitcoin’s Record Price and Stagnant ‘Millionaire’ Wallet Growth

Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High: Analyzing the Surge and the Slowdown in New ‘Millionaire’ Wallets

Bitcoin’s recent rally to an unprecedented $72,000 has captivated the crypto market, yet the response from investors has been markedly different from past bull runs. Despite the significant price achievement, the daily creation of new ‘millionaire’ wallets has not kept pace with previous periods of rapid growth. In January, fewer than 500 new wallets daily reached the million-dollar mark, a stark contrast to the 2,000 mark now being approached, yet still far from the over 4,000 daily milestone set during Bitcoin’s last bull run in 2021.

Understanding Investor Caution and the Shift in Asset Storage

The cautious return of on-chain bitcoin whales, as noted by Kaiko Research, suggests a strategic patience among large investors, possibly due to a blend of profit-taking and waiting for a more definitive market direction post-rally. This period also reflects a change in how investors are choosing to store their Bitcoin, with an increasing trend towards utilizing custodial services rather than personal wallets. This shift has been partly attributed to the introduction and adoption of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States, which offer investors an indirect exposure to Bitcoin through ETF shares, thereby impacting the traditional whale wallet metrics.

The Role of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Shaping Investment Trends

The launch of nine new United States-based spot Bitcoin ETFs has significantly influenced Bitcoin’s investment landscape. These ETFs have collectively amassed over $28 billion in Bitcoin, offering investors a different avenue to gain Bitcoin exposure without directly holding the asset. Custodians like Coinbase and BitGo play a central role in managing these ETFs’ Bitcoin holdings, further underlining the evolving nature of Bitcoin investment strategies and the growing preference for institutional-grade security and convenience.


The current Bitcoin rally, while remarkable for setting a new all-time high, unveils a nuanced narrative of investor behavior and market evolution. The lag in new ‘millionaire’ wallet creation juxtaposed with the cautious optimism of investors suggests a matured market approach. As spot Bitcoin ETFs gain traction, offering a more secure and indirect investment method, the crypto investment ecosystem continues to evolve, indicating a potentially broader acceptance of Bitcoin across diverse investor segments. This shift, while impacting traditional metrics like whale wallet growth, may ultimately contribute to a more stable and resilient Bitcoin market.