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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Bulls Retreat From Near $49K Peak

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Bulls Retreat From Near $49K Peak

As of Feb. 12, 2024, bitcoin displays a robust upward momentum across several charts, underscored by its sharp ascent from $47,593 to $48,814 on Sunday. On the subsequent Monday, bitcoin’s market value reached $939 billion, with a trading volume of $21.57 billion for the day. Currently, the upward trend pauses, with the price dipping below the $48K mark in Monday’s early trading hours.


Presently, BTC’s 1-hour chart presents a vivid picture of volatility, with price swings suggesting a consolidation phase post a significant bullish movement. The appearance of a large bullish rise, followed by smaller alternating drops, points towards market indecision. This phase indicates potential for both entry and exit points, contingent on the emergence of clear bullish or bearish patterns.

Transitioning to the 4-hour perspective, bitcoin’s price trajectory exhibits a leveling upward trend, hinting at a deceleration in bullish momentum. The presence of shorter bullish spikes interspersed with initial bearish dips suggests a forthcoming period of consolidation or retracement. Traders should monitor support levels for entry signals and be wary of trendline breaks for exit cues.

The daily chart expands on the bullish narrative, displaying a sustained uptrend through a consecutive uptrend. However, diminishing spikes in value signal a momentum slowdown, possibly leading to a market stabilization or slight pullback. Entry strategies could focus on pullbacks to key supports, while exits might be predicated on significant support level breaches.

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Oscillator analysis further enriches our understanding of Monday’s BTC/USD market action, with signals such as the relative strength index (RSI) and commodity channel index (CCI) hinting at overbought conditions, thereby suggesting caution. Meanwhile, the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) level presents a solitary buy signal amidst a predominantly neutral to bearish bias, indicating a complex interplay of market forces.

Moving averages (MAs) continue to paint a bullish continuum, with all observed timeframes from the exponential moving average (EMA) and simple moving average (SMA) lines recommending a bullish stance. This unanimity across short to long-term averages underscores a strong underlying market sentiment favoring bitcoin’s upward potential.

Bull Verdict:

The technical analysis strongly suggests a bullish outlook for bitcoin, underpinned by persistent upward trends, robust trading volume, and favorable moving averages. Market indicators predict continued growth potential, with buying signals from both oscillators and chart patterns indicating a resilient optimism among investors. This bullish scenario envisages BTC breaking past current resistance levels setting the stage for new highs in the near future.

Bear Verdict:

Conversely, the bearish perspective highlights the looming risk of overvaluation and potential market saturation, as indicated by overbought conditions on oscillators and diminishing bullish momentum. The analysis cautions against a possible reversal, where profit-taking and increased regulatory scrutiny could trigger a sell-off, leading to a downward correction. This bearish case underscores the importance of vigilance and risk management for traders navigating the volatile market.