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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Sharp Downturns as Bearish Trends Dominate Price Movements

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Sharp Downturns as Bearish Trends Dominate Price Movements

Bitcoin witnessed a notable intraday swing from $65,569 to $73,794, reflecting a volatile market environment. Despite this turbulence, its market capitalization still holds strong at just over $1.3 trillion, supported by a substantial 24-hour trading volume of $89 billion.


The analysis of bitcoin’s (BTC) oscillators and moving averages (MAs) presents a mixed signal for BTC’s immediate direction. Oscillators such as the relative strength index (59) and the Stochastic (78) indicate a neutral stance, suggesting a period of consolidation. However, the momentum indicator points to a bullish action, contrasted by the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) level advocating a bearish stance, illustrating the market’s current indecisiveness.

Bitcoin chart by Tradingview

On the MA front, the predominance of buy signals across various timeframes, especially the longer-term exponential moving average (EMA 200) and simple moving average (SMA 200), signifies underlying strength and potential for upward momentum. The daily chart depicts a significant uptrend interrupted by a recent bearish drop, breaching previous support levels. This development might signal a correction phase or a potential reversal, with the recent high at $73,794 per BTC now serving as a formidable resistance level.

A closer examination of the 4-hour and hourly charts reveals a more detailed narrative of the sell-off, characterized by several bearish drops and increased volume on downward movements, indicating strong selling pressure. This granular view suggests a cautious approach, advising bitcoin traders to seek confirmation of trend reversal or stabilization before engaging. In alignment with the observed technical indicators, potential entry points should be predicated on bullish reversal patterns, particularly after touching the support level at $65,569.

Bull Verdict:

Despite the recent volatility and sell-off pressures, bitcoin’s foundational technical indicators, particularly the strong buy signals from the majority of MAs, suggest a resilient underlying strength. The market’s capacity to sustain above critical support levels, coupled with the optimistic signals from long-term MAs, paints a favorable scenario for recovery and potential upward momentum.

Bear Verdict:

On the flip side, the recent bearish slide breaking past support levels on the daily chart, combined with increased volume on down moves, signals a potential shift in market dynamics towards a bearish trend. The mixed signals from oscillators, particularly the sell action indicated by the MACD level, along with the immediate pressure observed in the 4-hourly and hourly charts, suggest that the path of least resistance may be downward.