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Bitcoin: The influence of Vanguard on MicroStrategy’s holdings

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Bitcoin: The influence of Vanguard on MicroStrategy’s holdings

With 7.6% of Michael Saylor, leader of MicroStrategy, under its control, Vanguard Group Inc indirectly holds $1.2 billion in Bitcoin, revealing an unexpected impact in the sector.

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Vanguard’s indirect control over Bitcoin through MicroStrategy

As anticipated, in the crypto and Bitcoin world, the influence of Vanguard Group Inc is becoming increasingly important.

With a 7.6% stake in Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Vanguard indirectly controls 193,000 Bitcoins, equivalent to 11 billion dollars. This connection makes Vanguard a silent but significant player in the crypto space.


Vanguard Group Inc Owns 7.6% of Micheal Saylor lead MicroStrategy which owns 193,000 #Bitcoin Worth $11 Billion USDT

This means Vanguard Group Inc indirectly owns $1.2 Billion Worth of $BTC .

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The fact of seeing a traditional financial giant owning a significant portion of Bitcoin through a supporter like Saylor, offers an important perspective on the convergence between conventional investments and crypto.

The influence of Vanguard extends beyond traditional financial spheres, casting a significant shadow on how traditional institutions are embracing the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies.

This combination of traditional financial forces and new digital assets highlights a transition in progress, where the old and the new merge into a unified financial landscape.

As Bitcoin continues to gain legitimacy, the interest of giants like Vanguard could mark a critical turning point in the global acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

In other words, in a constantly evolving financial world, the potential alliance of Vanguard with Bitcoin may be just the beginning of a new financial era.

Bill Miller IV and Michael Saylor optimistic about Bitcoin and MicroStrategy

Bill Miller IV and Michael Saylor have recently shared a bullish vision on Bitcoin and MicroStrategy, highlighting a significant capital appreciation potential.

Miller analyzes the performance of 150% of Bitcoin investors, highlighting the strong confidence in the market.

Bill Miller IV distinguishes between the market capitalization and the realized capitalization of Bitcoin, highlighting the deep confidence of investors.

The realized capitalization, at $24,000, indicates an average return of 150%, reflecting a significant shift of capital, $500 billion, towards Bitcoin.

This not only illustrates profitability, but also indicates a stable confidence in Bitcoin as a long-term investment. Miller emphasizes the untapped potential of Bitcoin, predicting a prosperous future for digital assets.

Michael Saylor comments on the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC, catalyzing institutional investments. This, combined with MicroStrategy’s investment strategy, allows to take advantage of the digital economic change.

Saylor’s vision of Bitcoin as a trillion-dollar asset class strengthens MicroStrategy’s strategic advantage in digital assets, showing a bright perspective in the digital financial arena.

Vanguard’s CEO, Tim Buckley, to retire by 2024

The CEO of Vanguard, Tim Buckley, recently announced that he will retire by 2024. After three decades of success, he is working with the board of directors to choose his successor.

The company, in an official statement, is currently conducting an in-depth search to identify a new CEO, evaluating both internal and external candidates.

Despite its long success, Buckley has been reluctant to embrace some innovations, such as investment vehicles linked to digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC).

Vanguard, under its leadership, has not submitted requests to offer Bitcoin ETFs, and has even limited access to funds approved by financial regulatory authorities.

The company has cited the misalignment with its traditional offerings as the reason for the restriction, emphasizing its view on cryptocurrencies as “an immature asset class.”

With Buckley’s resignation, the question arises whether his successor will follow his conservative line or open the doors to innovation in the cryptocurrency sector.

Meanwhile, Vanguard has appointed Chief Investment Officer, Greg Davis, as president with immediate effect, during a period of transition and change in leadership.