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Bitcoin’s rally creating millionaire wallets each day 

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Bitcoin’s rally creating millionaire wallets each day 

Bitcoin’s recent all-time high is reportedly generating approximately 1,500 ‘millionaire wallets’ each day.

The public nature of Bitcoin’s network allows for visibility into the number of tokens each wallet holds. However, the anonymity of these addresses makes it challenging to identify whether individuals or organizations own them.

This year, the original digital currency has climbed by about 70%, driven by enthusiasm for the newly approved Bitcoin ETFs that began trading in January. Despite this impressive growth, the rate of millionaire wallet creation is not as high as in the 2021 bull market, which saw over 4,000 wallets daily reach the million-dollar threshold. According to crypto analytics firm Kaiko Research, the peak for this year occurred on March 1, with 1,691 wallets.

Bitcoin’s rally creating millionaire wallets each day 
Daily count of BTC Wallets | Source: Kaiko
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Several factors could be contributing to this more moderate pace of wealth creation. The market may still be waiting for significant new investments as large investors, or whales, may be cashing in their profits at BTC’s new highs. Large investors are opting to secure their assets with custodial services rather than in personal wallets, according to Kaiko’s Monday report.

As the most prominent cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of $72,600 today, every investor who has ever entered and remained in the Bitcoin market is enjoying profits. This latest rally also means that BTC’s value has increased almost every year since its inception, except for 2015, 2019, 2022, and 2023. This means Bitcoin has remained a more stable asset than fiat currencies like the USD, which has declined yearly since 2009 due to inflation.

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