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Breaking: $70 Million Worth of Ethereum Unleashed from Staking – How Will It Shape the Market?

Breaking: $70 Million Worth of Ethereum Unleashed from Staking – How Will It Shape the Market?

According to a crypto sleuth, Token Unlocks, the Ethereum ecosystem is witnessing a significant event. About 30,000 ETH worth over $70 million is scheduled to be unlocked from staking in five hours. This event highlights the staggering growth of Ethereum’s staking mechanism, with just over 25% of the entire Ethereum supply, equivalent to approximately 30 million coins, now staked for network security.

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Over the last 24 hours, Ethereum’s price has decreased by 1.42% and is currently valued at $2,481.19. According to Lido’s previous reports, one of the leading liquid staking platforms, more than 30 million ETH worth almost one-fourth of the total circulating supply of Ethereum, has been staked. Lido accounts for 31.64% of the staked Ethereum market given by Dune Analytics.

25% of the ETH supply is now staked

— Lido (@LidoFinance) February 7, 2024

The total value of staked ETH stands at approximately 73 million, with nearly a million validators contributing to the network’s security. Recent data shows a noticeable surge in staking deposits over the past fortnight, indicating heightened activity and growing interest in Ethereum staking.

Nansen, a blockchain analytics firm, corroborates the 30 million ETH staked figure and notes an almost empty unstaking queue, signaling strong holder sentiment. Only a minimal amount of ETH, less than 0.6% of the total stake, awaits withdrawal. Nansen also reports that 949,815 validators are actively supporting the network’s security.

UltrasoundMoney provides a slightly lower estimate of 29.8 million ETH staked but sheds light on Ethereum’s deflationary trend since the merge in September 2022. Ethereum’s supply has decreased by 344,960 ETH, resulting in nearly $840 million deflation. This trend is further evidenced by a -0.57% annual inflation rate, with 4,288 ETH, valued at about $10 million, burned in the last 24 hours.

Despite Ethereum trading at half its all-time high from November 2021, the emergence of restacking narratives presents opportunities to bridge this gap. Restaking, which enables users to stake ETH across multiple protocols, is gaining momentum. CoinGecko’s introduction of a staking token category, now valued at approximately $707 million, underscores this trend.

Notable price surges in restacking tokens, such as Pendle Finance trading at $3.14 and Picasso priced at $0.008548, along with the success of platforms like EigenLayer, highlight the growing interest in Ethereum’s staking ecosystem. Consequently, the Ethereum market is positively reacting to the staking milestone announcement, with ETH experiencing a 6.69% uptick in price performance over the week despite facing resistance levels and remaining below its peak in January 2024.

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