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Cardano Founder Takes Jab at Internet Computer

Cardano Founder Takes Jab at Internet Computer

In a recent social media exchange that caught the eye of the cryptocurrency community, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, offered a sarcastic response to a boastful social media post by Dfinity.

Dfinity spotlighted a significant upgrade in their Internet Computer (ICP) protocol, claiming that their canister smart contracts can now hold a vast 400GiB in stable memory.

This upgrade, they noted, is capable of storing around 17.4 million Ethereum smart contracts, or the entire Cardano blockchain — twice.

Hoskinson humorously replied, “Thanks for storing Cardano. You can always use that canister to rebuild ICP if you ever need to.”

Inside the tech: Internet Computer’s canisters

The Internet Computer, Dfinity’s ambitious blockchain project, aims to revolutionize how decentralized applications (dapps) are run.

Its latest advancement involves “canisters,” which are essentially high-capacity smart contracts. These canisters allow developers to deploy dapps written in various languages as WebAssembly modules.

Unlike traditional containers in software, these canisters don’t just execute code; they also store the application’s state, significantly enhancing the efficiency and scalability of the blockchain applications they host.

Dfinity and Cardano

In April 2022, Dfinity welcomed a familiar face from the Cardano camp, Eva Oberholzer, as their new chief growth officer. It was a strategic move aimed at pushing Internet Computer into the mainstream. Hoskinson’s congratulatory message back then was seemingly a sign of the respect that these blockchain projects have for each other.

In 2021, Hoskinson welcomed Dfinity to “major leagues” in a social media post.

Looks like we have another third gen entering the arena. Lots of stuff to read this weekend. Welcome to major leagues Dfinity.

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) May 11, 2021

Fast forward to early 2024, the Internet Computer project is gaining ground, with the ICP token now outpacing Shiba Inu in market performance.