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Cardano to Host Major New Crypto AI Token, Founder Confirms

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Cardano to Host Major New Crypto AI Token, Founder Confirms

In a significant development for both the AI and cryptocurrency sectors, SingularityNET (AGIX), Fetch ai (FET) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) have jointly announced the establishment of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI). The focal point of this collaboration is the creation of a unified AI token, known as the ASI token, consolidating the AGIX, FET and OCEAN tokens.

This initiative, driven by a desire to enhance interoperability and streamline operations, is a response to the growing demand for decentralized AI solutions. With an estimated valuation of $7.5 billion, the ASI token is poised to become a pivotal asset within the AI space.

One noteworthy aspect of the announcement is the decision to operate the ASI token across multiple blockchain platforms, including Cardano, Ethereum, Fetch’s Layer-1 and Hypercycle. Dr. Ben Goertzel, the founder of SingularityNET, has confirmed the cross-chain functionality of the ASI token, addressing concerns regarding its compatibility with different blockchain infrastructures.

Crosschain, including ETH, FET layer 1, ADA and Hypercycle… plus more including yeah likely ICP …

— Ben Goertzel (@bengoertzel) March 27, 2024

To oversee the operations of the common ecosystem, a governing council will be formed, consisting of key figures such as SingularityNET CEO, Fetch ai CEO and Ocean Protocol’s founders. While the ASI token marks a significant milestone in the convergence of AI and blockchain technology, it is important to note that the organizations behind the merging networks will continue to operate independently.

With the voting process scheduled to take place from April 2 to April 7, the close collaboration within the ASI ecosystem and the establishment of the alliance reflect a shared commitment to advancing decentralized artificial intelligence.