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CashFusion introduces eCash wallets for maximum privacy on Blockchains

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CashFusion introduces eCash wallets for maximum privacy on Blockchains

A non-custodial wallet such as CashFusion has effectively bolstered the security of numerous users in the aftermath of cryptocurrency scams. These solutions enable more users to put their trust in the crypto ecosystem and safely manage their assets without worrying about security loopholes.

The advantage of using a non-custodial privacy protocol is that it does not keep private keys, backup files, or user data on its servers. The keys are encrypted and saved on the user’s devices alone. Unlike other coin mixing services that directly swap coins, CashFusion’s technology allows the shuffling of numerous eCash coins simultaneously, jumbling their traces. After which, users can withdraw the same amount of currency they deposited in the cash mix, with no way to trace the coins back to the server, adding an extra layer of security to the entire process.

Users can autonomously generate transactions with other users using CashFusion. By pooling the XEC inputs and outputs of every user involved in the cash mix, these transactions effectively eliminate any correlation between the credit source of the funds and the transaction source.

CashFusion claims that they improve these combined XEC transactions. Instead of individual transactions, it generates enormous, “jumbo-sized” transactions combining all participants’ inputs and outputs. This dramatically increases the number of possible transactions, making it difficult to break down. Furthermore, CashFusion’s Tor network adds a layer of secrecy to transactions. Tor, famous for offering anonymity, conceals the user’s IP address. This prohibits the server from potentially linking transaction components based on IP addresses, providing a higher level of secrecy.

Once the user’s coins have gone through one or more ‘Fusion’ transactions, they are considered “fused” and can be easily spent without the privacy concerns that come with a publicly accessible blockchain. Cash Fusion makes it impossible to trace back transactions, even while the transaction data is made public.

CashFusion now offers a privacy solution for XEC coins that is compatible with the Electrum ABC and StackWallet eCash wallets. Shortly, the platform hopes to expand its compatibility to include more wallets.

eCash also plans to create a Zero-Knowledge Subnet (ZK-Subnet) that will provide optional and bulletproof privacy. This customizable technique will allow users to select the level of anonymity they wish to have, shifting anonymous ZK transactions to an optional subnet. This robust privacy solution will enable more users to participate in blockchain transactions while establishing eCash as a leader in user-centric privacy features in cryptocurrency.