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Charles Hoskinson Brutally Calls out Cryptocurrency Reddit for Cardano Hate

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Charles Hoskinson Brutally Calls out Cryptocurrency Reddit for Cardano Hate

Charles Hoskinson accused the cryptocurrency subreddit of biased censorship against his projects. Hoskinson pointed out that any association with IOG, Cardano or himself is met with negativity or an outright ban on the subreddit, with no room for neutral or positive discourse.

Hoskinson emphasized the importance of the Ecosystem Development Index (EDI), a metric he believes is crucial for the industry, backed by scientific research and assessed by objective university-affiliated researchers. However, his support for the project has led to its dismissal on the subreddit, revealing what he describes as an inherent bias among some community members.

Charles Hoskinson Brutally Calls out Cryptocurrency Reddit for Cardano Hate

Responding to allegations of brigading — a coordinated effort to manipulate votes or discussions on Reddit — Hoskinson argued that the Cardano community’s efforts to counter false information should be seen as healthy engagement rather than malicious activity. He suggests that Reddit’s moderation team has been unfairly removing posts about Cardano, thereby suppressing open conversation and restarting discussions to skew the narrative.

Reddit moderators have defended their actions, stating that they do enforce rules against brigading as part of the platform’s policy. They claim that Cardano-related content capable of fostering healthy discussion remains unremoved, and they have extended an invitation to Hoskinson for an “Ask Me Anything” session to clear up any misunderstandings.

Hoskinson’s final jab questioned the integrity of the moderation process, insinuating that it is flawed if posts can be removed simply based on unverified claims of brigading. This exchange highlights a larger conversation about censorship, community bias and the challenges of maintaining fair discourse in decentralized technology spaces.

The tension between Hoskinson and the Cryptocurrency subreddit is not the first dispute the Cardano community has had with mainstream crypto outlets. Cardano has been constantly labeled as the black sheep of the cryptocurrency industry, for whatever reason.