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Cloud Service Provider Tencent Cloud Announced It Is Collaborating With This Altcoin!

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Cloud Service Provider Tencent Cloud Announced It Is Collaborating With This Altcoin!

Leading cloud services provider Tencent Cloud has strengthened its blockchain infrastructure with the addition of Sui blockchain support, further expanding its reach to more than 20 blockchain networks.

Tencent Cloud Improves Blockchain Support, Now Covers 20+ Networks Including Sui

The platform’s integration with Tencent Cloud’s high-performance servers and robust security components aims to offer Web3 developers easy access to various blockchain networks for business operations.

Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, which became operational in September 2023, provides secure and high-performance blockchain infrastructure services to Web3 developers.

With its latest update, Tencent Cloud is deepening its collaboration with Mysten Labs, the team behind the innovative Sui blockchain.

Sui is a groundbreaking Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform designed to revolutionize digital asset ownership.

Designed with privacy, security, and accessibility in mind, Sui’s object-centric model, powered by the Move programming language, facilitates parallel execution, sub-second precision, and supports rich on-chain assets.

Horizontally scalable processing and storage capabilities enable a wide range of applications to run with unmatched speed and cost efficiency.

“We sincerely invite Sui developers to use Tencent Cloud RPC to contribute to the next super Dapp for the Sui ecosystem,” Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC said in its announcement.

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