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Cosmos-Based Canto Blockchain Unveils ‘Cyclone Stack’ in Runup to Polygon Move

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Cosmos-Based Canto Blockchain Unveils ‘Cyclone Stack’ in Runup to Polygon Move

Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain Canto unveiled its “Cyclone Stack,” aimed at scaling and improving performance, just as the project prepares for a closely watched migration to the Polygon ecosystem.

According to a press release seen by CoinDesk, the Cyclone Stack will consist of three key upgrades called the Callisto Upgrade, the Kallichore Upgrade and the Elara Upgrade, designed to speed up block times, increase storage access speeds and set new standards for execution.

Canto’s Cyclone stack will also be fully compatible with all EVM tooling and applications. (EVM stands for the Ethereum Virtual Machine and is the software that executes smart contracts, and helps blockchains like Canto support applications built for compatibility with Etheruem and similar chains).

“This comprehensive upgrade suite signifies a big step towards achieving high performance and scalability for Canto,” according to the press release. “Through these innovations, Canto is enhancing its platform for both developers and users alike.”

The news comes as Canto, a blockchain designed for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, announced in September that it will become a layer-2 using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). A representative for Canto told CoinDesk in an email that after they build their own Cyclone EVM, they will integrate with Polygon’s CDK and run their ZK-prover to secure the network.

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