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DAO Treasuries See Over $20 Billion Growth in 4 Months Amid Crypto Market Boom

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DAO Treasuries See Over $20 Billion Growth in 4 Months Amid Crypto Market Boom

Four months ago, a total of 179 decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) boasted treasuries exceeding $1 million or more each. As of today, this figure has climbed to 211 distinct DAOs meeting the same criteria. Furthermore, since Nov. 1, 2023, the collective value of DAO treasuries has expanded by more than $20 billion across a period of 145 days.

DAO Treasuries Tap $40 Billion

The value of cryptocurrencies has seen a significant uptick, leading to a substantial increase in the worth of DAO treasuries over the last four months. Back in November 2023, DAO ecosystems managed assets totaling $18 billion in their treasuries, with Arbitrum DAO at the forefront. Currently, the scenario has shifted, with Arbitrum’s DAO now trailing behind as the second-largest in terms of treasury value. Furthermore, the current valuation of the DAO landscape stands at $40.1 billion.

The largest DAO in terms of treasury size is the Optimism Collective which commands around $7.9 billion in value. Optimism’s DAO treasury consists of tokens like OP, USDT, ETH, and USDC. Arbitrum’s DAO follows with a treasury that is valued at $6.8 billion among assets like ARB and ETH. Four months ago Mantle’s DAO held the third spot but that position now belongs to Uniswap’s DAO.

Presently, Uniswap’s DAO treasury is valued at $4.8 billion while Mantle’s reserves are below it with $2.8 billion. Gnosis is the fifth largest DAO by treasury size as it commands $2.7 billion in value. The leading five DAO treasuries boast a collective worth of $25 billion, accounting for 62.34% of the total $40.1 billion. Among the top ten, ENS DAO and the Graph DAO each manage assets ranging from $1 billion to $1.6 billion.

Dydx, Aevo (Ribbon Finance), and Lido hold treasuries valued at $743 million, $489 million, and $479 million, respectively. In the realm of governance and treasury decisions, Optimism’s DAO has seen 151 proposals, while Arbitrum’s DAO has reviewed 200 proposals. Uniswap has deliberated on 170, Mantle on 45, and Gnosis has evaluated 197 proposals. Optimism and Arbitrum have both garnered millions of votes, whereas the other three DAOs in the top five have attracted hundreds of thousands of votes.

With a valuation of $40.1 billion, these decentralized autonomous organizations represent a significant evolution from the first DAO on Ethereum, which ended in complete failure and led to the Ethereum Classic hard fork.

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