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DOGE Unveils GigaWallet, Game-Changer for Dogecoin Investors

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DOGE Unveils GigaWallet, Game-Changer for Dogecoin Investors

In an exciting announcement, the Dogecoin Foundation has released the Dogecoin GigaWallet v1.0.

GigaWallet is a backend service that offers a simple integration API for sites like online stores, exchanges and social media platforms to transact Dogecoin programmatically. The purpose of the GigaWallet is to promote the rapid uptake of Dogecoin as a payment option, removing the complexity and risk associated with integrating Dogecoin payments into businesses.

Dogecoin GigaWallet v1.0 has been released

Thank you to the early adopters already building great solutions on Dogecoin 🔥

“GigaWallet is a backend service which provides a convenient integration API for platforms such as online shops, exchanges, social media platforms etc, to…

— Dogecoin Foundation (@DogecoinFdn) March 26, 2024

As a side note, GigaWallet is a software engineering component for anyone wishing to integrate Dogecoin into their product, rather than a user-facing Dogecoin wallet.

The latest Gigawallet release follows months of constant development creating a backend service for Dogecoin businesses. Gigawallet saw its chain-tracker system launched in 2023, as well as payment APIs and plugin interaction with WooCommerce.

According to an earlier Dogecoin Foundation blog post, 2024 will focus on shopping cart integration with Shopify and the development of more user-friendly APIs and database options to facilitate Dogecoin adoption by online retailers and social media platforms.

Dogecoin’s drive toward rapid grassroots adoption

Gigawallet represents one of several projects focused on bringing the Dogecoin ecosystem to a ready state for rapid grassroots adoption. Others include radiodoge and libdogecoin.

RadioDoge aims to expand Dogecoin’s reach to areas with limited internet connectivity using LoRa technology and the Starlink satellite network.

In 2023, the significant milestone of facilitating the first Dogecoin transaction without the internet was achieved. This year, the Dogecoin Foundation says it will continue to develop the RadioDoge network and explore new use cases.

Libdogecoin, Dogecoin’s foundational C library, received significant updates in 2023, including SPV node and wallet functionality, security and encryption, validation and platform compatibility. In February, LibDogecoin released the latest version, v0.1.3, with development continuing in 2024 to improve Python and Go language bindings and explore additional capabilities.