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Everyrealm unveils Everyworld, a blockchain discovery and rewarded ads protocol 

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Everyrealm unveils Everyworld, a blockchain discovery and rewarded ads protocol 

Everyrealm, a social gaming company, unveiled Everyworld, a blockchain-based discovery and rewarded ads protocol with a mission to empower users while benefiting the environment and reshaping the landscape of online engagement.

With substantial backing from venture capital companies such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and investments from Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, Animoca, and Dragonfly exceeding $60 million, Everyworld is well positioned to disrupt the status quo.

The Everyworld concept

Leveraging blockchain technology, the Everyowld platform enables users to earn rewards, starting with points, by simply watching video content on Discord.

Users can also participate in drawings to win payouts, with rewards evenly distributed between winners and organizations engaged in environmental protection.

The innovative model marks a paradigm shift in social impact, combining the allure of winning rewards with collective contributions to global causes.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness

Recognizing the link between virtual and physical realms, Everyrealm stresses the platform’s commitment to sustainability in a world where the average person sees over 40 days’ worth of ads each year.

Driven by the $EVERY token, the platform’s dual-incentive mechanism aligns personal gain with philanthropy, fostering a relationship between individual actions and communal goals.

Through routine engagement with the platform, users can effortlessly convert their habits into tangible benefits for themselves and the planet.

The growth of Everyworld

Since its beta launch on Discord some weeks ago, Everyworld has seen substantial growth, boasting a membership exceeding 80,000 users who have earned over 500 million points collectively.

The platform’s global user base watches over 3,000 videos per minute, underscoring its future potential and widespread appeal.

Promising commitment to future expansion, Everyrealm plans to unveil more features to enhance the user experience and further refine the advertising platform, fostering a more equitable and sustainable digital ecosystem where individuals receive rewards for their engagement in the attention-driven economy.