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FLOKI Gains Traction as Thena Protocol Adds Liquidity Pool, Memecoins Resilient

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FLOKI Gains Traction as Thena Protocol Adds Liquidity Pool, Memecoins Resilient

  • FLOKI joins Thena liquidity pool integration to boost token utility.
  • FLOKI’s surge of 640.9% in 30 days, leads to more bullish expectations.
  • Memecoin resurgence flares with FLOKI, DOGE, SHIB, and WIF in the lead.

In a transformative surge, FLOKI continues its ascent in the crypto realm, landing recognition from top DeFi protocol Thena. The addition of FLOKI to Thena’s pool allows holders to leverage liquidity, earning $THE tokens in return.

Top DeFi protocol on the BNB chain, Thena, has added $FLOKI to its pool, allowing FLOKI holders to provide liquidity on their platform and earn $THE.

This not only further enhances the utility of the #Floki token but also demonstrates that industry-shaping projects are…

— FLOKI (@RealFlokiInu) March 14, 2024

ThenaFi boasts a TVL of $44.6 million, positioning its DEX as a frontrunner within the BNB chain ecosystem. This move not only bolsters FLOKI’s utility but also marks a milestone as industry leaders embrace its maturity.

Gamma Strategies and Crypto Algebra power the FLOKI strategy, further elevating THE token’s week. With simple staking, users can tap into Thena’s rewards flow. Despite the day’s consolidation in crypto markets, memecoins like FLOKI showcase resilience, contributing to a broader epic comeback.

In fact, FLOKI’s staggering performance with a 640.9% surge in the last 30 days according to CoinGecko, prompts speculation of shedding its memecoin status akin to Shiba Inu (SHIB). Social interactions highlight FLOKI’s prominence alongside other top memecoins like DOGE, PEPE, and SHIB.

As the bull market gains momentum, analysts anticipate new all-time highs for these memecoins. The official posts highlight a disclaimer, APR and rewards flow are subject to change, and users should be aware of risks associated with DeFi protocols, including impermanent loss.

It’s so far been a day of consolidation across crypto markets but memecoins are proving to be resilient.

Top memecoins by social interactions…
1⃣Dogecoin $DOGE
2⃣Pepe $PEPE
3⃣Shiba Inu $SHIB
4⃣Floki $FLOKI
5⃣Bonk $BONK
6⃣Myro $MYRO
7⃣dogwifhat #DOGWIFHAT

…view all top…

— LunarCrush (@LunarCrush) March 14, 2024

With FLOKI’s integration into Thena’s ecosystem and its surging popularity, the token marks a significant stride towards broader adoption and recognition within the crypto landscape. Will this new development lead to another FLOKI surge? And will this surge lead to another massive memecoin pump? Time will tell.