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FrxETHRedemptionTicket leads NFT sales surge

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FrxETHRedemptionTicket leads NFT sales surge

FrxETHRedemptionTicket, an Ethereum-based NFT collection, has emerged as the top performer in the non-fungible token market over the past 24 hours, with sales reaching US$4.64 million, marking a 480% increase.

This sales boost helped propel Ethereum to the top of the day’s blockchain rankings, CryptoSlam data shows.

Ethereum collections dominated the charts on Wednesday, as three collections claimed the top three spots.

Ethereum’s Azuki collection experienced a 263% increase in sales, amounting to US$1.54 million, the second most in the market, with transactions up by 2.67%.

Azuki is the NFT market’s eighth all-time sales leader with US$1.1 billion

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), another Ethereum stalwart, saw a slight uptick of 51% in sales, reaching US$1.51 million for the day’s third rank.

On the Bitcoin platform, $JIGO BRC-20 NFTs also enjoyed a rise, with sales climbing 3.65% to US$1.33 million and transactions growing by 92%.

Mad Lads, a Solana-based collection that led yesterday’s sales, recorded US$1.32 million with an 18% sales decrease.

Despite the dip, Mad Lads managed to stay in the top five.

Froganas, another Solana-based collection that topped the rankings earlier this week continued to fall, adding on to Tuesday’s 20% sales decrease.

On Wednesday, it barely hung on in the top 10 after dropping 2.8% to US$658,014.

The Captainz, an Ethereum-based collection of 9,999 NFTs, trailed close behind at 11th with US$631,276.