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Games to earn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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Games to earn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

If you are a fan of the world of cryptocurrencies, you will already know that today, things are changing: traders are now looking for brand new ways to both use and earn Bitcoins – including within the world of games! In this article, we will look together at what are the best games for earning Bitcoin, and whether they are free or not.

What games to play to earn Bitcoin?

What game to play depends on what you are looking for. Of course, every game has unique mechanics, stories, and approaches, so have a think about the things you generally prefer. There are people who love gaming online with friends, there are people who want to exclusively check out crypto casino games (where you can play ordinary casino games but win Bitcoin/other cryptocurrencies), and there are fans who are dedicated to almost any kind of game that will let them earn Bitcoin!

How do games let you earn Bitcoin?

Play-to-earn games allow players to receive rewards with real-world value. Some games require the player to have a specific cryptocurrency in order to play, while others are completely free. Crypto casino games are your standard casino games, with cryptocurrencies built in as the rewards!

What are our favorite games?

Games to earn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Casinos

If you’re just into playing games to win some cryptocurrency, checking out a crypto casino online is one of the most effective options – and will let you play games you already know and love. Try out some slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, or anything else you fancy, and have a chance to win Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as you play!

Light Nite X

If you’re a Fortnite fan, Light Nite is a game you’ll surely love, as it shares the same Battle Royale style dynamic. However, what makes Light Nite unique is its ability for you to earn Bitcoin as you play. You will face off against other players in survival matches, where the goal is to eliminate as many players as you can while keeping your character alive. You can choose to play solo or join teams for even more exciting games.

The highlight of Light Nite is that, for every opponent you eliminate, you will earn rewards in Bitcoin. However, keep in mind that if another player defeats you, you will lose a certain amount of Bitcoin. This simple mechanic means that the most skilled players have the opportunity to win a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

A unique feature of Light Nite is that all in-game assets, including characters, weapons, and outfits, are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This allows you to trade them in a secondary market to get more cryptocurrency or improve your gaming experience.

Age of Rust

If you are a lover of futuristic settings, you will be thrilled with Age of Rust. This game transports you to the year 4424, in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has lost the war, space colonies are in ruins, and an unstoppable enemy threatens.

Age of Rust is divided into three seasons. Season 1 is available for an initial cost of $14.99. If you wish to access Seasons 2 and 3, you will need to purchase Rustbits, the in-game currency.

Gameplay includes:

  • Advancing through the story.
  • Solving challenging cryptographic puzzles that offer cryptocurrency rewards (such as Bitcoin and ENJ/NFT).
  • A final treasure hunt with a tantalizing reward of 20 BTC.


This is a highly entertaining way to earn cryptocurrencies while you play. RollerCoin is an online gaming platform that allows you to mine Bitcoin while having fun. The game mechanics are based on managing your own virtual data center and competing in retro mini-games set in the ‘80s. The better you play, the more mining power you earn.

How does it work? Registration is fast and free. Set up your virtual data center, customize it, and start mining Bitcoin. Play mini-games to increase your mining power. Compete with other users and win real Bitcoin prizes. You will earn satoshis (fractions of Bitcoin) while you play. This is a great way to learn about cryptocurrency mining without expensive hardware or technical knowledge – meaning pretty much anyone can try it. In addition, you can compete with other players and win real Bitcoin.


Imagine a Candy Crush with a cryptocurrency twist: that’s CryptoPop. In this mobile game, developed by Heroku in China, you have to match and mine coins to advance. As you level up, you get rewards, and here’s the kicker: the fewer coins you have left at the end of the level, the bigger your bonuses.

CryptoPop lets you mine Ethereum and Popcoin as you play. The more points you accumulate (up to a maximum of 300,000), the more ether or popcoin cents you earn. In addition, the game offers bonuses through its referral system.

That said, advertising is a negative aspect; you will see ads before each level. Also, sometimes the levels are reset, although your mined assets are kept safe.

Despite the minor drawbacks, CryptoPop is a fun way to pass the time and earn some cryptocurrency in the process.


The company has two very simple games with which you can win BTC. On the one hand, we have Turbo84, and on the other, Bitcoin Bounce. In Turbo84, you must avoid obstacles with your car. To win Bitcoin, you must play and accumulate tickets, with which you can participate in weekly prizes. Bitcoin Bounce is a skill game. It’s like Mario Kart, but with Bitcoin.

In addition, THNDR Games has launched Bitcoin Blocks, a very original game that allows players to win Bitcoin. This mobile game combines Tetris and Sudoku, challenging you to solve puzzles and compete for Bitcoin based on your score.

Besides that, Bitcoin Blocks features the “Gaming Graph,” which allows you to connect your profile to the Nostr social network and earn medals for your achievements in the game. This gaming experience seeks to bring more people into the Bitcoin world through social competition.