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HYTOPIA’s HYCHAIN Node Sale: Empowering Community Participation in Web3 Gaming

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HYTOPIA’s HYCHAIN Node Sale: Empowering Community Participation in Web3 Gaming

HYTOPIA, previously known as NFT Worlds, has unveied its HYCHAIN node sale. This sale, marking the launch of their Layer-2 blockchain, invites the global gaming community to actively engage in securing and enhancing the game’s blockchain while earning rewards.

HYTOPIA’s vision of revolutionizing the Minecraft experience through blockchain technology has gained significant traction. The free-to-play model, coupled with an immersive in-game marketplace, has attracted over 1.1 million players worldwide. Unlike traditional gaming platforms, HYTOPIA leverages Web3 functionalities to introduce player-driven economies and real ownership of in-game assets, elevating the gaming experience to new heights.

Powered by Arbitrum Anytrust Layer-2 technology, HYCHAIN ensures low-latency gameplay and high transaction throughput, offering an unparalleled gaming experience with minimal transaction costs and robust security measures. The recent merger with MetaFab, a leading Web3 infrastructure platform, positions HYCHAIN as a preferred choice for game developers seeking mass-scale launches.

The HYCHAIN node sale, beginning March 2nd, distributes blockchain security responsibilities among community members, rewarding their efforts with 250,000,000 TOPIA tokens and 25% of transaction fees in perpetuity.

With only 50,000 node keys available, operators have the potential for significant rewards over a 3-year period based on uptime and key assignments. Additionally, exclusive benefits such as early access to beta features and unique in-game items await node operators, highlighting HYCHAIN’s dedication to community involvement.

Node keys are priced progressively, starting at 0.1 Eth, and will be minted on Eth L1, using Eth. Participation in the whitelist sale is facilitated by earning whitelist points through ownership of NFTs from the HYTOPIA ecosystem or engaging in HYROLLER. Through the HYCHAIN Node Sale, HYTOPIA continues to lead the charge in decentralized gaming, empowering the community to shape the industry’s future.
“The HYCHAIN Node Sale is a huge win for decentralized gaming. We’re giving back to the community and incentivizing participation in network security. This is a bright day for Web3, and we look forward to seeing what players create using this technology.”

ArkDev, Co-founder of Hytopia & Hychain
“By decentralizing the operation of our network, we’re handing over the keys to the community, empowering them to shape the future of gaming.”

Reflecting its commitment to inclusivity, the node keys will be available across multiple pricing tiers, ensuring accessibility while maintaining network integrity. With five phases planned, early supporters can secure whitelist allocations through various avenues, further fostering community involvement in the HYCHAIN ecosystem.

For more information, visit HYCHAIN Documentation.