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IOTA Price Explodes by 15% to $0.2344 as Founder Schiener Reveals 100 Million-Dollar Deals for Real-World Tokenization

IOTA Price Explodes by 15% to $0.2344 as Founder Schiener Reveals 100 Million-Dollar Deals for Real-World Tokenization

  • IOTA’s price soars by 15% following Dominik Schiener’s announcement of significant real-world asset tokenization deals worth $100 million.
  • The upcoming launch of IOTA EVM and the release of a new alpha version signal major advancements and heightened interest in the IOTA ecosystem.

Dominik Schiener, the founder of IOTA, made a groundbreaking announcement in a recent AMA session that has catalyzed a 15% surge in IOTA’s price, now standing at $0.2344. The revelation concerned the launch of the IOTA Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), set for March 31, 2024, and the introduction of IOTA’s new alpha version, v1.0.0-alpha.2 Pre-release.

These developments, which include key upgrades and enhancements, were comprehensively reported by Crypto News Flash (CNF), providing an in-depth view of IOTA’s advancements. Further insights into these significant milestones for the IOTA community and the Shimmer ecosystem can be found in a CNF YouTube video, accessible below:

During the AMA, which also featured Anna from SOLANA and was hosted by the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, Schiener disclosed groundbreaking news on IOTA’s venture into real-world asset (RWA) tokenization. He excitedly announced,

And we also have some very exciting announcements of large RWA tokenization deals, where we are onboarding and hopefully, hundreds of millions of dollars of assets to IOTA and offer those yield bearing assets to our ecosystem and to have fun with it.

These assets, once integrated and tokenized on IOTA, will offer yield-bearing opportunities within its ecosystem. Schiener further elaborated on IOTA’s expansion strategy, highlighting their push into the EU and focus on Asia, including Korea, Japan, and Singapore. He emphasized,

So we’re really expanding with our technology, with our ecosystem, but also geographically.

Schiener’s vision for IOTA is to make it the preferred ledger for tokenizing assets and leveraging strong collaborations with regulators worldwide. He remarked,

The focus of IOTA is really to be the layer, the Ledger of choice and to tokenize those assets.

As of the latest update, IOTA is trading around $0.2429, experiencing a slight increase of 13.26% over the past day, following a 1.29% increase over the previous week.

From my point of view, IOTA’s strategic advancements and Schiener’s ambitious plans for RWA tokenization signify a pivotal moment in the platform’s evolution. This progression is poised to unlock new investment opportunities and substantially enhance the utility and value of the IOTA ecosystem.