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JIGO BRC-20 NFTs surge in daily sales

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JIGO BRC-20 NFTs surge in daily sales

Bitcoin’s JIGO BRC-20 NFTs topped the non-fungible token market with a sales increase of 46.81% in the 24 hours to 1 p.m. ET to reach US$1.96 million.

The collection witnessed substantial growth in market activity, with the number of transactions rising by 60.20% to 157 on Thursday, according to CryptoSlam data

JIGO helped Bitcoin retake the top spot from Ethereum as the daily sales leader for NFTs.

Other notable movements in the NFT market include Solana’s Mad Lads, which experienced a 54.94% increase in sales to US$1.92 million and a 65.85% jump in transactions to rake in the second-highest volume of the day.

Next, Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) saw a decline, with sales dropping by 14.98% to US$1.16 million and transactions decreasing by 17.24%.

BAYC has the second-highest in all-time NFT collection sales with a volume of US$3.11 billion.

Solana’s Froganas also made some waves with a 74.42% increase in sales, totaling US$1.01 million, and a 52.39% rise in transactions.

Froganas secured Thursday’s fourth position after barely hanging onto the 10th spot on Wednesday.

On the downside, Bitcoin’s NodeMonkes faced a downturn, with sales falling by 18.46% and transactions by 17.86%.

Azuki, yesterday’s second-ranked collection, dropped out of the top 10 following a 66% sales drop to US$418,401.