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Justin Sun Lauds USDT Supply Surpassing $50 Bln On TRON Network

Justin Sun Lauds USDT Supply Surpassing $50 Bln On TRON Network

In an exciting curve of events, the TRON community appears to have showcased a burst of breakthroughs across the broader crypto market on Saturday, as TRON founder Justin Sun spotlighted the community’s staggering developments within the crypto world. As seen in a recent post by Justin on the social media platform X, the Chinese-born Grenadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur congratulated the TRON community for jotting a noteworthy increase in USDT circulation supply on the Tron network.

Notably, as per Sun’s statement, the community now has over $50 billion USDT on Tron’s circulation, for the first time, propelling market optimism for its token. Meanwhile, the TRON price also surged remarkably, mirroring the community’s significant headway.

USDT On TRON’s Circulation Scales New Heights

As unveiled by Sun’s post on X, Tether’s total supply amounted to 50.82 billion USDT as of writing, with a whopping 36.46 million holders on the TRON blockchain. Furthermore, the stablecoin’s liquidity on DEXs also noted a marginal jump, reaching $63.76 million today, January 13.

With this, the TRON community seems to have advanced further with its cryptographic venture over the crypto horizon. Coinciding with the progress, Sun also stressed the community’s pivotal contribution leading to this achievement.

Moreover, in his post, the TRON founder illuminated another potential goal to be achieved soon by the token’s commune. Aligning with this, Sun proclaimed that the goal of issuing $100 billion on TRON stablecoins will be achieved shortly. This seems to have further piqued notable interest among crypto market traders and investors globally, propelling market optimism for the token.

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TRON Price Surges

As of writing, the TRON price showcased a remarkable surge of 5.73% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.113. Furthermore, the trading volume also portrayed a prompt jump of 57.11%, mimicking the community’s monumental achievements.

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