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Key Reasons Why Chiliz (CHZ) Price Skyrocketed Over 20%

Key Reasons Why Chiliz (CHZ) Price Skyrocketed Over 20%

Chiliz (CHZ), the prominent digital currency for sports and entertainment provided by the Malta-based fintech company of the same name, has experienced an impressive surge in its price, skyrocketing by over 20.81% in the last 24 hours. The remarkable uptrend has also seen a substantial increase of 36.72% in the past seven days, capturing the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and market analysts alike.

Per data from Coinglass, a leading cryptocurrency analytics platform, the trading volume for CHZ has witnessed an extraordinary spike of 490.31%, reaching a substantial $371.42 million. Concurrently, open interest in the cryptocurrency has surged by 86.13%, currently standing at an impressive $49.53 million.

Breaking down the open interest figures, it is noteworthy that $21.66 million is attributed to Binance, $8.64 million to Bybit and $6.33 million to OKX, with the remaining amount distributed across other prominent crypto trading platforms. This distribution indicates a broad-based interest in Chiliz across various exchanges, underscoring the widespread adoption of the digital currency.

Rising popularity and interest

Chiliz, known for pioneering the intersection of blockchain technology and the sports and entertainment industry, operates the Socios platform. Socios is a blockchain-based sports entertainment platform that empowers users to actively participate in the governance of their favorite sports brands. This unique proposition has contributed significantly to Chiliz’s popularity and success in the digital currency space.

Industry experts attribute the recent surge in CHZ’s price to several key factors. For instance, the surge in trading volume and open interest suggests growing attention from institutional investors and traders. The substantial increase in open interest, especially on major exchanges like Binance, underscores heightened confidence in Chiliz as a viable investment option.

Market analysts are closely monitoring Chiliz’s price movements, with many speculating that the digital currency’s trajectory may be indicative of a broader trend in the convergence of blockchain technology and the sports and entertainment industry. As Chiliz continues to make waves with its innovative approach, its future price movements are anticipated to be closely tied to developments within the Socios platform.