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KuSwap’s NFT marketplace goes live on Horizen EON

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KuSwap’s NFT marketplace goes live on Horizen EON

KuSwap NFT Marketplace has embarked on an initiative to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the Horizen EON ecosystem, promising new opportunities for collectors and creators within the community.

As part of this endeavor, KuSwap encourages users to mint the Horizen EON custom badge, a commemorative token symbolizing the integration.

Toward a more dynamic KuSwap platform

The KuSwap NFT Marketplace achieves a significant milestone by seamlessly integrating native NFT support for Horizen EON, establishing a dynamic platform for trading digital collectibles within the Horizen ecosystem.

The platform stands out by providing artists more autonomy over their collections and allowing collectors to trade digital collectibles using $ZEN, the native Horizen EON token.

Moreover, the integration enhances liquidity options for users engaging with NFTs, further enriching the ecosystem.

What does KuSwap’s integration with Horizen mean for users?

To celebrate its new collaborative efforts, KuSwap invites participants to mint the exclusive Horizen EON custom badge to gain access to forthcoming NFT drops and perks.

KuSwap NFT Marketplace, a leading automated market maker (AMM) on the KuCoin Community Chain, boasts a reputation for its low transaction fees and dedication to expanding decentralized global adoption.

With its new NFT Marketplace, KuSwap seeks to eliminate listing fees and introduce a new bidding system, enabling participants to profit from active auctions.

Additionally, the marketplace implements a new, robust NFT verification system overseen by the KuSwap team.

New NFT opportunities

Horizen EON, an EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, stands as the first of many smart contract sidechains in the Horizen ecosystem.

The platform prioritizes scalability and user experience, embodying Horizen’s commitment to innovation and decentralized creativity.

Designed to facilitate the development and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) on Horizen, Horizen EON leverages EVM compatibility while harnessing the scalability of Horizen’s Zendoo protocol.

The collaboration comes as an exciting project with a potential to unlock a multitude of opportunities for NFT collectors and creators within the Horizen ecosystem.