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Movies Plus Now Accepts Bitcoin as a Payment Method

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Movies Plus Now Accepts Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Streaming platform Movies Plus announced this week that it has added Bitcoin to its payment options, allowing subscribers to pay using the leading digital currency. With this move, the firm joins a list of companies accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, including Microsoft, AT&T and Namecheap.

To optimize Bitcoin payments, Movies Plus has partnered with Flash, a payment processor that uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The latest rollout of Movies Plus also makes it the first streaming platform to accept Bitcoin payments. Streaming giants like Netflix or Hulu do not currently support Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

Despite airing documentaries about cryptocurrencies, Netflix’s stance on Bitcoin remains unclear. Netflix banned advertising for cryptocurrencies in 2022, along with ads for politics and gambling. Netflix’s former legal officer David WELLS expressed a willingness to accept payments in Bitcoin in 2016, but no further progress has been made. Wells left Netflix in 2018. Adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is on the rise, with a select but significant number of companies accepting them directly and others through third-party services, according to media reports.

Image: Cryptobriefing