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NAKA’s Bullish Signs Revealed by Popular Crypto Trader and Analyst

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NAKA’s Bullish Signs Revealed by Popular Crypto Trader and Analyst

  • Popular crypto trade and analyst is bullish on Nakamoto Games’ token NAKA.
  • He cites technical and fundamental strengths along with daily and weekly chart action.
  • Recent enhancements and strategic initiatives positively reinforces NAKA’s growth potential.

Popular crypto trader and analyst Alex RTB has recently shared insights into the potential of Nakamoto Games‘ token, NAKA, outlining why it presents a compelling opportunity in the current market.

Why is $NAKA a good opportunity at the moment?

I covered The project both fundamentally and technically.

Grab yourselves a coffee and let’s dive in.☕️

— Alex RT₿ (@rutradebtc) February 19, 2024

In a detailed analysis, Alex RTB covered both the fundamental and technical aspects of the Nakamoto Games project. Starting with the technical analysis (TA), he pointed out that the daily chart indicates a positive shift in market structure, with sell-side liquidity cleared. The absence of equal highs above is seen as a bullish sign.

Moving to the weekly chart, Alex noted that the price is currently resting below the weekly resistance represented by an orange line. Expressing confidence, he suggested that a breakthrough of this resistance could lead to a 20% return in the short term. The real excitement, according to him, begins when NAKA flips $2.37, with no solid resistance areas till $5.74.

Switching to the fundamentals, Alex highlighted the significant gaming hype and the growing popularity of GameFi. With NAKA still having a market cap of 150 million, he sees ample room for growth. The engaged and sizable community of the project, coupled with regular updates, adds to the positive outlook.

Alex also shared some recent updates from Nakamoto Games, including mobile app enhancements featuring new features to boost player engagement, strategic system analyst initiatives refining gameplay, and UX/UI development support for the eagerly anticipated NAKAVERSE 2.0.

As Alex concluded his analysis, he encouraged readers to express their preferences for future coverage, inviting comments on which project to review next. If his insights are any indication, NAKA from Nakamoto Games is certainly a token to watch in the evolving crypto landscape.