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Neo News: Week in Review – February 5 – February 11

Neo News: Week in Review – February 5 – February 11

General Updates

Neo launched a Fortune Envelope NFT campaign and prize giveaway in collaboration with Mega Oasis to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This festive initiative offers community members a chance to win a share of US $500 in GAS, adding a crypto twist to the traditional exchange of fortune envelopes. To qualify for the prize draw, users must claim and send at least one Fortune Red Envelope NFT and have at least one NeoNS domain name in the same wallet at the campaign’s conclusion, Feb. 23 at 12:00 p.m. (UTC).

Neo announced the launch of An-shun Chain a bespoke Ethereum-compatible consortium chain for the China-based BSN-DCC Network. Developed to meet domestic application needs, An-shun Chain features innovations such as the HotStuff consensus algorithm, RLP serialization algorithm, an improved MPT data structure, and Bloom filters. Neo was one of the first members to join the BSN network in 2020.

Pixudi released its 2024 roadmap for the traditional board racing NFT game, which noted the launch of tournaments, the rollout of new game mechanics and boards, and more. Additionally, Pixudi will be concluding the sale of first-season mystery packs on Feb. 29.

O3 Labs discontinued cross-chain services on Neo, as well as Gnosis, Cube, Bitgert, Celo, KCC, Fantom, and Astar. Users with assets on the DeFi platform can withdraw via the “Unpeg” function on the swapping platform.

A community member launched the Schrute Bucks memecoin campaign on Neo N3, allowing users to perform tasks like retweeting or uploading memes to Meme2Earn to potentially receive an airdrop of SCHRUTE NEP-17 tokens. Schrute Bucks is a parody of a fictional currency made by character Dwight Schrute on the TV show The Office.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking pool for Week 5 of 2024, noting a total value of approximately $7.98 million, total minting rewards of $3.29 million, and total trading fee rewards of $611,000.

GrantShares proposal – create coupons topped up with any NEP-17 token was put up for discussion.

Developer Updates

AxLabs released neow3j v3.22.1, which included a minor release fixing an issue related to the caching of smart contracts code.

NNT Catch Up

NNT’s editors co-hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #5 on TheSmart Economy Podcast X page. Topics of discussion included how traditional social media platforms can improve user ownership of data, the explosive growth of Farcaster, building a Neo channel on the Warpcast client for Farcaster, how Frames can improve the Warpcast user experience, and non-EVM blockchain ecosystems building on Farcaster.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams was featured in a Cryptonews article about a looming spot Ethereum ETF in the US. Adams touched upon the complexities of total supply and technological differences between BTC and ETH, which might add other considerations for the SEC to approve a second crypto-backed ETF.


Feb. 16: Smart Economy Podcast hosting Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Space.