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OKX Burned $258 Million Worth of Native OKB Token

OKX Burned $258 Million Worth of Native OKB Token

OKX successfully completed the twentieth round of its 'Buy-Back & Burn' program, burning $258 million worth of OKB tokens. The burning process reduced the original supply of OKB tokens by approximately 5.5 million tokens. The OKB token burn aims to enhance the token's value proposition by enhancing their scarcity.

Popular crypto exchange OKX burned OKB as it successfully completed the twentieth round of its ‘Buy-Back & Burn program’ This time around, it burned $258 million worth of its native token.

In this round, OKX noted approximately 5.5 million OKB tokens were repurchased and burned from the market.

OKX Burn to Reduce Original Supply

The burn took place between March and May 2023. It aims to manage the token supply and enhance its users‘ value proposition through the process.

OKB initiated the first Buy-Back & Burn program on May 4, 2019. Since then, OKX burning OKB tokens has reduced the original supply of the asset. The original supply of OKX native is pegged at 300 million and reduces every three months based on seasonal market conditions and operational performance.

OKX pie chart of burned OKB tokens against circulating supply. Source: Dune

The repurchased tokens are then sent to a burning address that is inaccessible to anyone, the exchange notes.

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What Is a Coin Burn?

Since the program’s inception, OKX has burned close to 64 million OKB tokens. This substantial burning effort has reduced the circulating supply of OKB to around 235.9 million OKB, strengthening scarcity and potentially driving value for token holders.

History of OKB token burn. Source: Dune

Reaching New Milestones

OKX has previously announced its commitment to slashing the OKB supply based on market conditions but refrained from disclosing the specific rules governing the process. However, the Dune dashboard has a public record of burned tokens that pegs a burn rate of 21.35% and its corresponding value.

In September 2019, OKX burned a record 6 million OKB tokens, taking the cumulative figure to almost 8 million. The cumulative figure reached 14 million at the start of January 2020.

OKX’s most recent burn round marks a significant milestone for the native token. In response, OKB has gained around 1.4% on the daily charts at the time of writing. CoinGecko data shows that OKB also remains in the green on the hourly chart after losing almost 2% of its value in each of the last two weeks.


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