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Parallel TCG Confirms New AI Game Parallel Colony on Solana

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Parallel TCG Confirms New AI Game Parallel Colony on Solana

Parallel TCG, a sci-fi-based competitive card game, has announced that it will debut its new AI-powered Web3 survival simulation game, Colony, on the Solana blockchain network.

As per the announcement shared by Solana on its official account on social media platform X, “AI agents will be able to autonomously transact onchain in this entirely new kind of survival game.”

The whitepaper of the AI-powered game confirms that the game will feature highly autonomous AI agents—called “avatars”—that are continuously learning from the world around them while adding:

Human players must guide and collaborate with their AI avatars, which feature wide-ranging skills and capabilities, to navigate a future Earth dotted with distinct colonies, all competing for survival.

The game thrusts players into a future Earth teeming with isolated colonies battling for survival. It allows them to explore diverse ecosystems, gather resources, craft items, and engage in combat with rival colonies, offering opportunities for resource acquisition or loss.

The game’s groundbreaking feature lies in its use of generative AI, enabling avatars to simulate human behavior, adapt to challenges, and interact dynamically with the environment. Players pay in PRIME to create AI avatars, with plans to expand avatars through NFTs on Solana.

“The initial avatars will require the creator to hold a Parallel Avatar NFT,” noted the whitepaper, while adding that players will be given a chance to “expand significantly beyond the 11,001 unique Parallel Avatar NFTs that currently exist.”All the players who create an AI avatar in the game will also receive a digital wallet based on the Solana blockchain, boosting the active addresses on the L2 blockchain.

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