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PixelRealm Embraces Sei to Transform Web3 Gaming

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PixelRealm Embraces Sei to Transform Web3 Gaming

PixelRealm is a leading player in the Web3 gaming arena. It is set to revolutionize the gaming landscape by embracing Sei, the first parallelized EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This strategic move aims to drive growth within the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Moreover, it offers gamers exciting opportunities to explore and engage with immersive gaming experiences.

🔥 We are thrilled to announce that PixelRealm is now partnering with @SeiNetwork – the pioneer of parallelized EVM! 🔥

🌟 Get ready, gamers! Sei and PixelRealm are forming an exclusive program to incubate high-potential projects launching on Sei.

🎮 We are excited to offer…

— PixelRealm (formerly NFTb) (@PixelRealmlabs) March 1, 2024

PixelRealm to Utilize Sei’s Features for Innovative On-Chain Gaming

Sei revolutionizes blockchain technology by combining Ethereum’s strict development rules with Solana’s lightning speed. Sei’s V2 update solidifies its position as the first parallelized EVM, offering unmatched speed and scalability in the blockchain ecosystem. Sei has quickly attracted top teams from Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum, and others since its 2022 launch. With Multicoin, Jump, and Coinbase Ventures as investors, Sei is ready to push blockchain speed and size limits.

Sei is the fastest chain to finality, and its 300-millisecond transaction processing time is amazing. The native matching engine gives exchange teams many useful tools, and its twin-turbo consensus mechanism sets new industry performance standards. PixelRealm can use Sei’s unique features to create fully immersive on-chain games that push traditional game boundaries.

PixelRealm wants to integrate into Sei to advance Web3 gaming. This will give gamers many new and exciting gaming experiences. Native integration will give Sei users access to PixelRealm’s massive gaming ecosystem. Gamers can explore and interact with lots of gaming content. The partnership between Sei and PixelRealm will also advise, grow, and market high-potential Web3 gaming projects in the Sei ecosystem. This project promotes new ideas and growth in the Sei community to improve the platform’s ecosystem.

PixelRealm Boosts Sei Ecosystem and Gaming Industry

PixelRealm’s involvement will benefit the Sei ecosystem and the gaming industry. PixelRealm’s launchpad and Sei products aim to empower developers and gamers. Blockchain technology will gain popularity in games. PixelRealm and Sei are pushing Web3 gaming limits. They hope this will usher in decentralized, immersive games.

Finally, PixelRealm’s partnership with Sei advances Web3 gaming. Utilizing Sei’s cutting-edge technology and ecosystem support, PixelRealm wants to create new gaming experiences that break the mold. Both platforms encourage growth and new ideas, making Web3 gaming’s future brighter than ever. PixelRealm and Sei will give gamers unprecedented access to and participation in the next generation of games.