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PostFinance Partners with Sygnum Bank to Unveil a Crypto Offering for Users

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PostFinance Partners with Sygnum Bank to Unveil a Crypto Offering for Users

PostFinance, a prominent retail bank and financial entity in Switzerland, has recently collaborated with Sygnum. The purpose of partnering with the worldwide crypto asset banking network is to provide services regarding digital assets through the B2B banking forum of Sygnum. PostFinance is going to unveil a crypto offering for the provision of protected access to the market with alluring conditions.

Sygnum is proud to enable @PostFinance’s crypto offering to its over 2.5 million customers.

While our part of the collaboration centres on empowering them to offer cryptocurrencies, we are excited to see their innovative use of AI in creating the crypto scent.

In February,…

— Sygnum Bank (@sygnumofficial) March 28, 2024

PostFinance and Sygnum Bank Collaborate for an Exclusive Crypto Offering

Up to 2.5M, consumers will get access to the respective crypto offering, denoting more than CHF 100B in customer assets. It also includes 1.3B payment transfers per year. The clients can avail the transparent and user-friendly access to eleven crypto assets for custody, crypto saving schemes, and trading. As a part of this endeavor, PostFinance is leveraging the B2B banking forum of Sygnum.

In addition to this, the company has matchlessly incorporated a cryptocurrency offering into the already present infrastructure. Consumer benefits take into account access to custody and trading for twenty-four hours per day throughout the week. Moreover, the company has joined more than fifteen Swiss banks along with financial firms on the B2B platform of Sygnum.

The Firm Leverages Sygnum’s B2B Banking to Facilitate Users

The respective forum offers seamless services related to digital assets under the regulation of FINMA. For this purpose, it leverages an API that belongs to a reliable entry point. Additionally, Sygnum captures a huge share-of-wallet of the present clients. This elevates their competitive status and increases the latest service at a rapid speed.

Sygnum operates as a completely regulated specialist of digital assets with a banking license given by the Swiss authorities. Furthermore, it stands among a few banking firms that offer a safe bridge between digital assets and conventional finance. The latest project occurs after a 40M fundraise of Sygnum, taking into account Azimut Holding (a top asset management network).