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Pundit Gives Timeline to Expect XRP ETF from $10 Trillion Asset Manager

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Pundit Gives Timeline to Expect XRP ETF from $10 Trillion Asset Manager

Online crypto pundits have outlined timelines for when to expect $10 trillion asset manager BlackRock to disclose genuine paperwork to create an XRP spot exchange-traded fund (ETF).

BlackRock has been reigning the ETF landscape with its new Bitcoin spot ETF. However, the fate of a U.S.-listed XRP ETF hangs in the balance as BlackRock has yet to signal any concrete plans to introduce a comparable investment product for XRP.

Nonetheless, members of the XRP community persist in their demand for a share of the lucrative ETF market. They believe XRP warrants an ETF, citing regulatory clarification as a non-security following a pivotal court ruling in July 2023. However, the XRP lawsuit has yet to be concluded.

In a post on the X, XRP community figure Ashley PROSPER speculated whether BlackRock would unveil an XRP ETF before or after the conclusion of the SEC vs. Ripple legal battle. Specifically, Ashley projected that the asset manager’s move would likely come within weeks of the case ending.

#XRP #XRPCommunity
Everyone knows a Blackrock XRP ETF is coming… but when?
Well, would you launch one before the #Ripple v #SEC case is completely over? Or would you wait? I expect the announcement would come within weeks of the case ending, whether that be by Judge Torres’s…

— Ashley PROSPER (@AshleyPROSPER1) February 21, 2024

Ashley’s view comes amid a recent interview where the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, declined to affirm whether Ripple was in talks with BlackRock to establish an XRP ETF. During the interview, Garlinghouse expressed conviction that an XRP ETF is “inevitable” but remains cautious about providing a timeline.

Notably, the XRP lawsuit is presently in the remedies phase concerning Ripple’s XRP sales to institutional investors. Ashley previously speculated that the Ripple lawsuit could end this year.

Essentially, the new speculation of a BlackRock XRP ETF emerging after the lawsuit’s resolution resonates with the perspectives of others, such as Sean McBride, formerly Ripple’s Director, who also anticipates such investment products materializing in 2024.

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