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Render Network And Stability AI Presented Their First Proposal – RNP-011: Piwa

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Render Network And Stability AI Presented Their First Proposal – RNP-011: Piwa

Render Network, in collaboration with Stability AI and industry leaders, has unveiled its first proposal, RNP-011: Piwa. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize 3D AI by creating and expanding one billion 3D training assets. Using the Render Network’s decentralized structure of nodes, users and community members, this initiative aims to democratize AI technology and overcome the barriers of data scarcity in 3D AI.

According to the proposal, RENDER nodes would participate in the creation and storage of assets, and buyers would have to license the data set exclusively using RENDER tokens. To encourage participation and ensure network integrity, staking mechanisms will be implemented to offer rewards to users and nodes that participate in the training and storage process.

Implementation of the proposal will involve collaboration between Stability AI and the Render Network, with RENDER nodes opting to be trained through an external lightweight client. The provenance of the generated 3D data will be recorded as compressed NFT files on Solana, providing transparency and traceability throughout the process. Render Network invites its community to participate in discussions and provide feedback on the proposal before moving forward to a formal community vote.

Image: The Crypto Basic