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RIO to Hit $20 in Ongoing Bull Run, Forecasts Crypto Capital AI Co-Founder

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RIO to Hit $20 in Ongoing Bull Run, Forecasts Crypto Capital AI Co-Founder

  • Co-founder of Crypto Capital AI anticipates RIO hitting $20 in ongoing crypto bull run.
  • Warning signs emphasized for strategic profit-taking during market cycles.
  • RIO rises nearly 50% in a month and 1,000% in a year pointing to significant gains as an RWA project this crypto cycle.

In a recent prediction, the co-founder of Crypto Capital AI expressed bullish sentiments for Realio Network‘s RIO token. The years before the highly-anticipated crypto bull cycle after the 2024 Bitcoin Halving event saw the release of amny new crypto tokens and RIO is one such token.

Since its launch, RIO has performed well compared to most others. In fact, the asset presently stands at $0.89. This means the asset is up by almost 50% in the last month and almost 1,000% over the last year. Indeed, RIO is marked as a bullish token by many in the crypto community.

Thus, highlighting its dominance in the Real World Assets (RWA) space, the co-founder suggested that $RIO is poised for substantial gains, potentially reaching $20 during the current bull market. The prediction aligns with the anticipated surge in altcoin momentum over the next weeks and months.

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— ParabolicPump (@ParabolicPump) March 2, 2024

Amid the optimistic outlook, the co-founder emphasized the importance of being vigilant during the market’s blow-off top and distribution phase. Pointing to potential signs like trendline breaks, lower highs, bearish divergences, and more, he urged investors to gradually take profits.

The cautionary advice stems from the historical patterns of crypto market cycles, warning against assuming perpetual bullish trends.The post acknowledged the emotional attachment investors develop with a token like $RIO, cautioning against falling into the trap of assuming a “this time is different” mindset.

While celebrating gains, he stressed the significance of gradually scaling out of positions during the blow-off top phase and highlighted the use of technical indicators for informed decision-making. The reminder echoed the cyclical nature of crypto markets and the necessity to prepare for potential retracements.

Still, many in the community expect RIO to surge incredibly over the coming bull cycle. In particular, one crypto leader says RWA projects are one of seven sectors that will see great momentum this cycle. As an RWA project RIO can also be expected to see this momentum.