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Saga Airdrop Is Ending—Here’s Who Can Still Claim on Avalanche, Solana, and More

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Saga Airdrop Is Ending—Here’s Who Can Still Claim on Avalanche, Solana, and More

The Saga network’s airdrop campaign is coming to a close. The layer-1 chain, which has a substantial gaming presence, is set to end its airdrop claim process at 12:00 UTC on Wednesday, March 27, giving eligible users precious few hours left to secure their bag.

Saga conducted a “play-to-airdrop” campaign from December 2023 into early 2024—the first part of a three-phase airdrop campaign to reward players, DeFi stakers, and NFT holders.

The campaign incentivized players who competed in certain games by making them eligible for an airdrop of the native token, SAGA, of the soon-to-launch Saga blockchain mainnet. In addition to games building on the Saga testnet, the firm behind the chain also teamed up with games on chains like Solana and Avalanche to provide rewards for certain other games.

The Saga team also carved out an additional airdrop allocation for DeFi stakers on Celestia, Avalanche, and Polygon. Over 200,000 total wallets spanning players and DeFi users were eligible in the first two phases of the airdrop. A list of eligible DeFi stakers can be found here.

The airdrop campaign is a part of Saga’s mission to become the on-chain launchpad for blockchain gaming, with a chain that can be complementary to other layer-1 networks. Saga is ultimately giving away a total of 60 million SAGA throughout the campaign, putting its tokens where its mouth is.

Recently, Saga also added holders of a few NFT projects to the list, as well. If you’re a holder of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, or Bad Kids, then you’re now eligible for the Saga airdrop. But time is running out. If you recognize yourself in one of the categories above, be sure to check the Saga eligibility portal to claim your tokens before 12:00 UTC on Wednesday.

According to data shared by Saga on Tuesday, plenty of users still haven’t claimed their SAGA tokens. Only 8% of eligible Avalanche users, for example, have gone through the process. But a strong 80% of Celestia users are all set, suggesting a vast disparity between the various crypto ecosystems that were added to the airdrop.

🪂Saga Community Genesis Drop Status🪂

⏰Only one day left to claim for those eligible to participate in the Saga Community Genesis Drop!

⚠️Claims are open until 27 March 2024, 12:00 UTC⚠️

— Saga ⛋ (@Sagaxyz__) March 26, 2024

Saga announced last week at the Game Developers Conference that it will launch the mainnet sometime in April, and the token is sure to follow alongside. The firm is also launching its own game publishing division, making it the first layer-1 chain to do so.