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SecondLive introduced on the Blast Mainnet

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SecondLive introduced on the Blast Mainnet

SecondLive has been introduced on the Blast Mainnet, a landmark moment for them, which they will commemorate with three special activities involving $BEAN tokens and NFTs enhanced by upcoming incentives.

The first activity will entail clocking in on Blast Mainnet. The second activity will involve claiming a special Blast Mainnet Badge NFT and the third will be minting the Blast Mainnet Commemorative Uniform NFT.

SecondLive is known to develop AI-powered tools and frameworks that allow users to build an open metaverse with ease. For the last two years, SecondLive has brought together an international community comprising more than two million members.

Having AI potential, SecondLive is building a foundational framework that initiates quick building, involvement, and submersion within the metaverse and targets users. It also allows text to be changed into 3D models.

SecondLive provides the option for users to clothe Avatars, scour online arenas, build with UGC tools, as well as trade creations, take part in social activities and entertainment.

SecondLive utilizes the AIGC toolchain and XR technology to develop an all-inclusive Web3 internet marketing hub to help 1 billion users.