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Shiba Inu: Exodus Wallet Responds To Shibarium Integration Request

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Shiba Inu: Exodus Wallet Responds To Shibarium Integration Request

A Shiba Inu community member has made an informal request to the Exodus Crypto Wallet team to support Shibarium.

The campaign, which now has full community support, started with a community member identified as Chubibi (@Pika_Shib), who made the request directly to the official X account of the wallet.

It is pivotal to facilitate the integration of a blockchain protocol on exchanges, wallets, and other infrastructures to expand its reach and create more avenues for users to explore it. Chubibi argued that Shibarium deserves to be added to Exodus, considering its status as a Layer-2 scaling solution.

Shibarium Integration Request In Process

Exodus Wallet has acknowledged the demand for Shibarium support, noting that they have sent the request to the appropriate team for consideration.

While there is no confirmation of a possible integration of the Shiba Inu-based Layer-2 network, it is noted that all feedbacks are logged for consideration.

Thank you for reaching out with your request for Shibarium support! I’ve submitted it to our developers ✅ We log all feedback — we’re grateful for you speaking up 🤝 -ES

— Exodus – Crypto Wallet (@exodus_io) March 12, 2024

Since Shibarium’s launch in August 2023, it has recorded integration on different platforms. Earlier in February, Tangem Wallet unveiled that it had started the process of integrating Shibarium.

As a key partner of the Shiba Inu project, Tangem’s integration is mutually beneficial to both the wallet’s users and the Shibarium community. With the ability to store native Shibarium assets and the Shiboshis NFT, the diversity the wallet offers is pivotal for the network’s growth.

Besides Tangem, K9 Finance, another partner of Shiba Inu, has uncovered how its liquid staking platform can help boost the growth of Shibarium, adding to the list of protocols embracing the L2 network.

As reported previously CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko integrated Shibarium Stats. Frontier Wallet has more than a million users and integrated Shbarium. GroveX, one of Australia’s top exchanges, integrated Shiba Inu’s layer-2 network. NOWNodes also integrated SHibarium last year.

According to DefilLama data, on March 5, the total value of assets locked (TVL) on the Shibarium reached a new high of $2.25 million. Shibarium’s total transactions have now exceeded 400 million.

Shibarium is the Future of SHIB

Despite Shiba Inu’s growing popularity, which recently pushed it to the top 10 digital currencies list, many experts believe in Shibarium’s potential to help catalyze SHIB’s growth.

With the growing integration, there is likely to be an increased user count, which might indirectly place higher demand on SHIB, driving up prices and valuation. Shibarium might also play an instrumental role in burning SHIB from circulation through the integration of a burn portal.