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Shiba Inu Lead Sees Passive Income Opportunity with this SHIB Project

Shiba Inu Lead Sees Passive Income Opportunity with this SHIB Project

The Shiba Inu ecosystem team has revisited the outlook that the Shiboshi NFTs could fulfill passive income purposes for SHIB enthusiasts.

Recently, Shiba Inu content marketer Lucie engaged community members by urging them to guess the author of a commentary suggesting Shiboshi NFTs have passive income potential.

The quote read: “You think floor [price]; I think passive income for life.”

“You think floor ( price) ; I think passive income for life.”
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Some community members correctly identified the author as Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous Shiba Inu ecosystem lead developer.

Notably, Kusama made this remark on the Shiba Inu Discord server nearly three years ago in response to concerns raised following the launch of Shiboshis, the Shiba Inu NFT project. At that time, certain community members complained about the project’s management and roadmap.

Shiba Inu NFT’s Goal is Lifelong Passive Income

Specifically, one community member expressed frustration over Shiboshi NFTs’ underperformance compared to Doodles NFTs.

The commenter pointed out that both projects had launched within three days of each other. Yet, Doodles NFTs had achieved a floor price of 3.5 ETH and a volume of 28.8K ETH. Notably, the Doodles NFT project launched on Oct. 17, 2021, and by Dec. 13 of the same year, it commanded a daily sale of over $2 million.

In contrast, the community member stressed that Shiboshis lagged with a floor of 0.8 ETH and a volume of 9.8K ETH. The commenter emphasized that Doodles NFTs lacked the brand recognition of Shiba Inu, yet Shiba Inu’s NFTs underperformed.

Shiba Inu Lead Sees Passive Income Opportunity with this SHIB Project
SHIB community member complaint

When Kusama called attention to the hype surrounding Doodles NFTs, the individual argued that the project was not riding on hype alone.

In response, the Shiba Inu lead pointed out his perspective on Shiboshis, viewing them as a source of lifelong passive income rather than something to engage with temporarily for immediate gains. Specifically, Kusama remarked:

“You think floor [price]; I think passive income for life. We are not the same.”

Shiba Inu Lead Sees Passive Income Opportunity with this SHIB Project
Shiba Inu Lead Passive Income Comment

Interestingly, some community members aligned with Kusama’s perspective, extending it to view the entire Shiba Inu ecosystem as a potential source of passive income.

Notably, Shiba Inu content specialist Lucie revisited this conversation amid the recent success of SHEboshi, the latest Shiba Inu’s NFT initiative. As reported by The Crypto Basic, SHEboshis were sold out within five minutes of after the project commenced its second minting phase.

Furthermore, the crypto sphere is experiencing a bull run, and Shiba Inu’s token SHIB has been an outstanding performer. Proponents believe that other SHIB-themed projects, like Shiboshis, could benefit from the SHIB market frenzy, aligning with the Shiba Inu team’s passive income projection.