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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Craze to Begin Any Moment, Cardano (ADA) Reaches Essential Level, Arbitrum (ARB) Rally Continues: Post-ETF Madness Prevails

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Craze to Begin Any Moment, Cardano (ADA) Reaches Essential Level, Arbitrum (ARB) Rally Continues: Post-ETF Madness Prevails

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is positioning itself for a potential market explosion. A detailed look at SHIB’s recent chart suggests that it is primed for a craze, and here’s why.

First, SHIB’s chart shows a notable absence of significant resistance levels beyond the psychological barrier at approximately $0.000012, which previously acted as a firm resistance during the price dip on Jan. 24, 2024. This lack of resistance is a bullish indicator; without substantial barriers, SHIB could leverage the current trend and surge into a robust rally.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Craze to Begin Any Moment, Cardano (ADA) Reaches Essential Level, Arbitrum (ARB) Rally Continues: Post-ETF Madness Prevails

The trading pattern of SHIB as of today shows that after bouncing from the strong support level of $0.000009, it has been printing a series of higher lows, inching closer to the crucial resistance level. If this trajectory continues, and SHIB breaks through this resistance, there may be little to prevent aggressive upward movement, potentially rekindling the fervor seen in the past.

Historically, SHIB has displayed a tendency for explosive growth spurts, often fueled by community hype and broader market rallies. With the market still resonating from the approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF, SHIB could catch the wave of renewed investor enthusiasm, leading to a rally similar to the one witnessed during its historic rise in May 2021.

Cardano at essential turning point

The ADA chart analysis reveals that the cryptocurrency is testing key resistance levels that could dictate its near-term trajectory.

The first resistance level of note is at $0.58, a price point that was a previous support level before the sell-off in January. This level is now acting as a resistance that ADA must overcome to maintain its bullish momentum. The second resistance level is at $0.60, a round number that often represents a psychological barrier for traders and has historically seen significant sell orders placed.

On the support side, ADA finds its most immediate and reliable safety net at $0.53. This level has served as a springboard for price rebounds multiple times throughout the month, indicating strong buying interest at this valuation.

However, traders should note the catch: ADA’s current position is tenuous, with the potential for volatility as it grapples with these resistance levels. While crypto market conditions seem favorable, with increased interest in altcoins following Bitcoin ETF developments, ADA’s climb is not guaranteed. Its ability to break through and hold above these resistance levels will be a true test of whether Cardano can pivot from its current turning point into a sustained upward trend.

L2s on demand

Arbitrum is witnessing an exceptional rally, showcasing the burgeoning interest in layer-2 solutions as pivotal components of the Ethereum ecosystem. With Ethereum’s ongoing scalability issues, solutions like Arbitrum are not only gaining traction — they are becoming investment focal points, with ARB’s price chart serving as a testament to this trend.

As we look at the chart, ARB’s price has surged past the $2 mark, a significant psychological barrier that was previously a strong resistance level. The breakthrough occurred a few days ago and, since then, ARB has not shown signs of slowing down. The rally has been accompanied by a notable increase in volume, indicating solid conviction among buyers. This volume surge, a key indicator of momentum, suggests that the current trend could be sustained for some time.

The next critical resistance level for ARB appears to be forming near the $2.50 mark. This level is essential as it has historically been a point of price rejection. If ARB can maintain its upward momentum and break through this barrier, it could trigger an even more aggressive bullish phase.

Layer-2 networks like Arbitrum are the main beneficiaries of the Ethereum rally. They offer the scaling solutions that the second-biggest blockchain by market cap desperately needs right now. With Ethereum’s high gas fees and network congestion, the growth potential for layer-2 tokens is substantial, as they not only facilitate cheaper transactions but also enable a more efficient decentralized finance ecosystem.