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Shiba Inu: Shibarium Explorer Receives New Exciting Update

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Shiba Inu: Shibarium Explorer Receives New Exciting Update

Shibariumscan, the blockchain explorer to the Shiba Inu layer-2 network Shibarium, has received a new exciting update from Blockscout to bolster usability.

Shibarium remains at the forefront of attention amid sustained adoption growth. Notably, Shibariumscan, the network’s block explorer, has been instrumental in facilitating transparency on the blockchain’s metrics.

Despite the explorer’s existing robustness, Blockscout announced in the latest development that it has added a new exciting feature to Shibariumscan to further bolster transparency.

For the uninitiated, Blockscout is an open-source blockchain explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum-based networks. It allows users to search and explore transactions, addresses, and smart contracts on various Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

Blockscout is responsible for the infrastructure that powers Puppyscan, the Shibarium testnet explorer, and Shibariumscan, the Shibarium mainnet explorer. The latest update to Shibariumscan is one of multiple upgrades the platform has pushed so far.

Exciting updates have landed on Shibariumscan! 🎉

The new L1 <-> L2 views for @ShibariumNet significantly enhance the usability of the explorer and provide deeper insights for all developers and users of #Shibarium. 🐶

Check it out now at

— Blockscout (@blockscoutcom) March 14, 2024

The L1 – L2 Window on Shibariumscan

The update introduces the L1 <-> L2 window, which allows network participants to explore fund movements between the Ethereum layer-1 network and the Shibarium layer-2 network.

Shiba Inu: Shibarium Explorer Receives New Exciting Update
The L1 L2 Window on Shibariumscan

As part of its structure, the recent update contains the “Deposits (L1 -> L2)” tab. This tab highlights all the transactions carried out by network participants which involve bridging their tokens from the Ethereum layer-1 to Shibarium.

Whenever a network participant carries out such a bridge transaction, both Ethereum (L1) and Shibarium (L2) create separate transaction hashes. Shibariumscan shows both transaction hashes for perusal. Data confirms that users have executed 27,847 deposits since Shibarium went live.

The structure also contains the “Withdrawals (L2 -> L1)” tab. Notably, this tab details transactions involving the bridging of assets from Shibarium (L2) back to Ethereum (L1). Similar to the Deposits tab, this tab also shows transaction hashes on Shibarium and Ethereum.

Shibariumscan data shows that users have carried out 6,816 withdrawals from Shibarium to Ethereum. This indicates that deposits outweigh withdrawals by over 20,000, suggesting that most users who bridge their assets to Shibarium have retained them on the L2 network.

Shiba Inu Developer Reacts

Speaking on the latest Shibariumscan update, Kaal Dhairya, a prominent Shibarium developer, emphasized the significance of Blockscout as a valuable collaborator.

Dhairya highlighted Blockscout’s consistent efforts in introducing innovative features to their platform, thereby augmenting the visibility of Shibarium. He expressed endorsement for Blockscout, urging both emerging and established blockchains to leverage their services.

I don’t talk enough about Blockscout, but one of our strongest partners who have consistently pushed out amazing new features to their stack and enhanced visibility into #Shibarium and have a solid product! Highly recommend all new and existing blockchains to use them.

— Kaal (@kaaldhairya) March 14, 2024

Meanwhile, Shibariumscan data shows that adoption on Shibarium has continued to skyrocket. The network now boasts over 408 million transactions a week after it crossed the 400 million mark. Wallets have also surged to 1.375 million, while TVL recently hit a new ATH.