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Shytoshi Kusama’s New Move Raises SHIB Army’s Intrigued Discussion

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Shytoshi Kusama’s New Move Raises SHIB Army’s Intrigued Discussion

The Shiba Inu team lead, known by the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama, seems to be continuing with his travels around the globe. The SHIB community keeps watching his location tags changing on X/Twitter.

The most recent one has raised a heated and rather humorous discussion among members of the SHIB community. Here’s where the mysterious Shytoshi Kusama has been spotted this time around.

Kusama heads for the Maldives, here’s potential reason

Japanese SHIB army member @kuro_9696_9696 has tweeted to spread the word about Shytoshi Kusama’s new location – the Maldives.

On March 19, he was spotted in New York City thanks to X, and prior to that, in March, his location tags on Twitter included Japan, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and several cities in the U.S. SHIB’s lead developer Kaal Dhairya has also been moving around – his location tag showed Dubai.

Last year, one of Kusama’s location tags showed that he visited Niseko, Japan. At about the same time, he published a message in Discord saying that he was taking a chance to relax and enjoy himself “just like everyone else.” The SHIB community concluded that Shiba Inu lead and Ryoshi’s partner in building SHIB was finally on vacation. Since the Maldives is also known as a popular resort destination, odds are that Shytoshi Kusama is also relaxing on the beach at the moment.

I’m convinced shy’s a pilot or he’s flying on Shiba airlines.

— Jonny.shib🇷🇴🇯🇵 (@Jonnybizzles) March 22, 2024

In the comments thread, some users giggled at Kusama moving from one country to another so fast, saying things like: “I’m convinced Shy’s a pilot or he’s flying on Shiba airlines” and “Since Shytoshi is a Saiyan, he can fly at high speed.”

SHIB burn rate plunges

According to data shared by Shibburn, within the last 24 hours, the SHIB army has succeeded in disposing of a large SHIB amount: almost 10 million. This is much smaller than was burned on Thursday though. The overall burn rate has plunged by more than 70%.

The two largest burn transactions on this list carried 4,111,000 and 4,000,000 SHIB to unspendable blockchain addresses.

In the meantime, activity on layer-2 blockchain Shibarium, which allows the SHIB army to conduct their personal SHIB burns, has dropped significantly recently. At the time of this writing, this metric has reached a low of 48,730 transactions.