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Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Turns 40 with 11 Years Spent Behind Bars

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Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Turns 40 with 11 Years Spent Behind Bars

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the infamous Silk Road marketplace, turns 40 tomorrow on March 27. He was sentenced to 2 life sentences to serve in prison and has already spent 11 years in prison cells – since he was 29.

As his 40th birthday is almost here, the global cryptocurrency community again starts calling to the US authorities to release Ulbricht from imprisonment.

✨ Tomorrow is Ross Ulbricht’s 40th birthday. He’s been in jail since he was 29, serving a 2x life sentence, all for creating a website where people could freely trade

It’s time to free Ross. #Bitcoin

— Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_) March 26, 2024

Ross Ulbricht’s recent news from prison

Ulbricht set up the darknet marketplace Silk Road in 2011. The website ran on the Tor network and it attracted numerous sellers of drugs and other illegal products and services with Bitcoin used for payments. Silk Road could not but attract law enforcement authorities’ attention and in 2013 Ulbricht was tracked down and arrested with Silk Road closed down.

Many within the cryptocurrency community around the world have been making calls for him to be set free but to no avail. Ulbright runs an account on Twitter/X and he often posts tweets from prison. In the middle of March, he published a post about moving to a new cell block. He wrote: “It’s been a rough landing but I think it’ll be ok once I get to know everyone.”

I moved to a new cellblock last week.

It’s been a rough landing but I think it’ll be ok once I get to know everyone.

— Ross Ulbricht (@RealRossU) March 12, 2024

On March 20, he tweeted that he is now again (after three years) allowed to go outside in the early morning and listen to the birds singing.

After 3 years, I can finally go outside in the early morning again.

The individual birds are surely different but the same flock of starlings still comes around at that same time.

— Ross Ulbricht (@RealRossU) March 20, 2024

A year ago, on March 27, he tweeted that he had lost his 30s in prison. “During that time, I’ve done my best to learn from my mistakes, better myself, and help others do the same. I hope someday I can make amends as a free man as well.”

US government sells Silk Road-related Bitcoin

In January this year, as reported by U.Today, the US District Court issued permission for $130 million worth of Bitcoin confiscated from Silk Road agents to be sold and the gained funds be added to the US federal budget.

This crypto was confiscated from Silk Road operators, in particular those named Ryan Farace and Sean Bridges. In July 2023, the US government made a transaction, moving $300 million after selling another BTC chunk related to the aforementioned criminal marketplace in March – 9,861 Bitcoins sold for $216 million.