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SPACE ID Partners with Polyhedra Network for Web3 Interoperability

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SPACE ID Partners with Polyhedra Network for Web3 Interoperability

SPACE ID, a prominent player in the Web3 domain sector, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Polyhedra Network. It is a leading infrastructure provider for Web3 interoperability and scalability. This collaboration signifies a major advancement in the realm of decentralized identities (DIDs). Additionally, it introduces cross-chain interoperability to SPACE ID’s extensive network of over 2.8 million Web3 domains. It also unveils 1.4 million domain holders powered by its 3.0 infrastructure.

Unleashing Web3 interoperability!🏇

Introducing our ecosystem partnership w/ @PolyhedraZK, aiming to unlock ZK interoperability across all Web3 Domains under SPACE ID 3.0.


Threads for more info on the .zk domain & community airdrops👀


— SPACE ID (@SpaceIDProtocol) March 14, 2024

Polyhedra Network Simplifies Blockchain Communication for SPACE ID Users

With hundreds of networks and blockchains, Web3 is changing fast. It is becoming clear that chains must communicate natively. Interoperability is crucial because it lets identity systems work seamlessly across platforms and services. SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network have partnered to offer ZK interoperability to all their users because they know how important it is for a DID environment that works well together.

Polyhedra Network is a top Web3 interoperability and scalability provider. They simplify blockchain network communication with zero-knowledge proofs (ZK). SPACE ID hopes to use Polyhedra Network’s expertise to help its many users combine chains through this partnership.

Web3 domain space advanced with the .zk domain. This new Web3 name service, hosted on a well-known network, offers unmatched cross-chain interoperability, allowing users to establish their identity across multiple networks. .zk domain owners can use their identities across more blockchain networks, making them more versatile.

SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network Announce First Cross-Community Airdrop and .zk Domain Launch

SPACE ID users and fans enter a new exciting era with the .zk domain. Pre-registration for.zk domains is coming soon. After that, anyone can register them. Stay active in the SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network communities to learn about new developments and protect your .zk domain.

The first cross-community airdrop and.zk domain launch are coming from SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network. Airdrops for.zk domain owners and SPACE ID Premier Club members will be $ID and $ZK tokens. This project celebrates SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network’s partnership and encourages participation in both ecosystems.

Lastly, SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network’s partnership improves decentralized identities and Web3 interoperability. SPACE ID empowers its users and opens up new decentralized web opportunities through the .zk domain and ZK interoperability. The community airdrop and SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network’s collaboration will bring exciting changes to the Web3 domain ecosystem.