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Surprise Decision from the Delisted Altcoin: Couldn’t Withstand the Pressure!

Surprise Decision from the Delisted Altcoin: Couldn’t Withstand the Pressure!

The Hard Fork that removed the Shielded Pool feature, a major milestone for the Horizen (ZEN) ecosystem, was successfully activated at Block Height 1502800 on the Horizen mainchain earlier today.

Horizen Completes Hard Fork: ZEN Moves Away from Privacy Token Status

With this development, it has now become official. ZEN is no longer classified as a privacy token.

Hard fork uygulamasının ardından, Shielded Pool’u içeren tüm işlemler reddedilecek ve ileriye dönük olarak yalnızca şeffaf işlemler (t -> t) kabul edilecek. Özellikle, madencilik havuzları beklendiği gibi çalışmakta ve düzenli madencilik etkilenmeden devam etmektedir.

This achievement is the result of a community-driven process that began with the successful adoption of ZenIP 42207 through Community Vote. The proposal, which garnered widespread support, paved the way for the complete removal of the sandbox from the Horizen mainchain.

The removal of the Sandbox represents a proactive response by the Horizen ecosystem to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment surrounding privacy tokens.

By moving away from privacy features, ZEN aims to align itself with regulatory expectations and increase its accessibility and usability within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Earlier this year, ZEN faced challenges in the form of being delisted from OKX and the implementation of a tracking label by Binance, reflecting the increased scrutiny facing privacy-focused assets in regulatory environments around the world.

The Horizen community has been highly supportive of this strategic shift away from privacy features, underscoring the ecosystem’s commitment to adaptability and innovation.

Today’s successful Hard Fork marks a significant milestone in this journey, solidifying ZEN’s position as a transparent and compliant digital asset.

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